Saturday, June 13, 2009

Why I’m the way I am.

So here is the rundown.  Yesterday Ava was feeling pretty miserable. Pictures are worth a thousand words.


When Ava is in extreme pain she goes into herself. It is as though she is sleeping but we know this is her sign she is in trouble.

Why I am the way I am.

I kept getting these very unsettling feelings that something was definitely wrong. The doctors wanted to “wait and see” after the x ray came back fine. I asked for a doctor to come in an talk to me. She tried to make me understand the need to wait and then I explained to her my “feelings”. Then Dr. P came in and the doctor I was talking to told him that Ava was not the “typical patient” as Mom says and Mom is concerned about her belly and possible diaphragm problems. I in no way want to be right. The only way I can explain my “feelings” is that it starts with a typical “worry” or “concern”. Then it grows from on my mind every hour or so to every 5 minutes and then every second until (I believe it is God) makes me take action. I request that a doctor come in and explain their thinking. If  the “feelings” go away then I know that it is okay. However many times they don’t go away and I am forced to ask them to reconsider because of my strong feelings. I never wanted to be where I am today but thank God He helps me channel these “feelings” so that Ava can heal faster. I don’t want my child to have to suffer unnecessary pain. So I will keep listening to the little nagging voice in my head.

So at 9:30 last night we headed to the CT room. As soon as she say the room she cried. She is so afraid of what lies next for her. This breaks my heart.


I did get to stay in so I was distracting her by asking if I could go on this nice ride with her. She agreed and did wonderful.


So this morning the surgeon came in and the first thing he said was , “Mother’s intuition”. They found a large pocket of fluid (abcess) that is as big as her bladder that needs to be drained. The are headed up here to get her as I type. She will be in the operating room and will have a breathing tube. They are going to place a drain to get the fluid out. She has another small abcess but they are not concerned with that one since some of the fluid is not infected and therefore the bodies natural way of healing. This big one they feel is infected. The procedure will take about an hour and she will be in recovery for two hours.

Her wound looks great. Here is a picture of it this morning. The infection looks gone in my eyes.


She had a great night and morning. She even got a bath. Thank God we found this….it could have been bad. A few pictures to make you smile because that is what I want Ava to always be to you all…the little girl that touches your heart.




Help us pray for our daughter Ava.

~The Helmick’s


Maxton's Mommy said...

Ava will always be a little girl who touches my heart! I am so sorry that she is going through so much. I cannot imagine how hard it is for you. Much love and many prayers.


Jonathan and Sarah said...

Way to go for going with your gut!! Bless her heart!! I'm glad they (really you) caught it & it was able to be taken care of quickly!

My Three Sons said...

I'm so glad that you continued to push for Ava's sake. I hope after the procedure she will feel a lot better.

Cindy said...

Oh my goodness, I'm so glad you spoke up and that they listed to you and did the CT.

I haven't been commenting much, but have been reading all your posts and sending lots of prayers up for you and Ava.

I do embroidery and would like to make something for Ava. Will you send me your address so that I can mail it to you?