Friday, June 12, 2009

Another “Spell”

Ava woke at about 10 am really grouchy. She started coughing and coughing, then spiked a fever….(huh didn’t I just post about this?) She was very uncomfortable. Fever was 101 and heart rate was between 170-190. Her respitory rate was  between 50-70. Our favorite nurse Chelsey gave her Motrin and she was doing better. I had to hold her as she needed to cough her lungs clean. She was begging me to put her down but I knew even though she was uncomfortable she must be able to breath.

One of the other surgeon came in and looked at her. He ordered a chest xray. If that turns out okay then we will be doing a CT scan. Right now we are waiting to go to xray and she is feeling better. Bree our child life worker came in during a really hard time and took Ava’s mind off of things by doing stickers. I was very grateful to her.

Her is what she looks like now. Her HR is still in the 150’s and respitory is 37. Her fever is finally gone.


And I thought we were almost free and clear. We were even talking discharge tomorrow or Sunday…..probably not now.

I am praying with ALL my heart this is not another abcess. The good thing is her belly is LESS distended today and her oxygen levels are fine. So we wait for test results.


Her belly today.


Brian is on his way back up. I’m gearing up for another fight. This birth defect is really playing havoc on her little body. Who said Life was easy? Not me! God is holding us up. He always does.



Katie said...

My heart just breaks for Ava and your family - for everything you all have been through. I am praying for her to come home soon! I know God is watching over all of you. I'm praying for you all, especially that brave little girl!

My Three Sons said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Ava has had a really rough last few days. It is just heartbreaking to see what your whole family has to go through. I'm praying that God will help Ava be pain free and get to go home soon.

Thinking of you guys often,