Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I know who holds my hand.

Ava is having a tough day. Her incision looks a little better but she is REALLY stressed and KNOWS the routine. She knows she has to stay until she feels better. She woke up several times last night with cramping/gas pains. It would pass and then she could go back to sleep.

They did take out the epideral this morning as she went 24 hours without needing the medicine. They told me that gas and cramping pains can NOT be helped with an epideral so we decided to let it go.

I have been feeling frustrated for her. She will not settle down and NOTHING seems to help. We brought about 40 of her movies with us and she will only watch a few of them for about 10 minutes and then wants something else. (I want to thank Kristin for the Teletubbies videos she sent to us. She did watch them a few times.) However she is discouraged. The Ativan works for about a half an hour then she is right back to her being a miserable grouch. We even took her to the gift shop last night and got her two big balloons and she didn’t even smile. I miss my fun, loving Ava.

So forgive me if I seems down. We need some extra prayers as this is getting more difficult as time passes.“God I come to you today broken. I fear for what Ava’s tomorrow might bring. I know you are here. I know you can see the end result. I am so afraid to see her discouraged and down. She is my life and if she is not feeling well my world changes. Lexis and Emeline came up yesterday, Lord and they seemed a little down as well. If you could help Ava heal so we can get back to being a family I’m not sure how much my little girl can handle. Thanks you for allowing me to be her Mother and for giving me such an amazing husband. I feel your presence and I KNOW without a doubt your love transends ALL. Be with us all during this hospital stay and help to get us home soon. We love and honor you. In Jesus name Amen.”

From a surgical stance we are just waiting to see what her little body is going to do. We took her off drain last night as things were moving through FINALLY! She is on clear liquids and so far this morning she has tolerated a popsicle and some watered down Sprite.

Please take a moment and ask God for His help in healing little Ava.  She is so down today.

~The Helmick’s


Walker Family said...

Terri we are praying everyday that Ava recovers quickly and you can go home. I know how much the hospital takes out of you.

CureSMA4Stella said...

Thinking of you guys! Sorry I have been absent for a little bit but you are often in my thoughts and I will pray for a happy, content Ava as I know that makes mommies very happy! Hang in there, Terri. When you can't walk any further, that is when HE carries you . . . I know HE will!
Love, Sarah (Fosdick) Turnbull and family