Saturday, June 13, 2009

Is the Cross You Wear Too Heavy to Bear?

One of my dearest friends sent me this poem and I had to share.

Complainingly I told myself,
"This cross was too heavy to wear!"
And I wondered discontentedly
Why God gave it to me to bear.

I looked with envy at others
Whose crosses seemed lighter than mine,
And wished that I could change my cross
For one of a lighter design.

Then in a dream I beheld the cross
I impulsively wanted to wear ...
It was fashioned of pearls and diamonds,
And gems that are precious and rare.

And when I hung it around my neck,
The weight of the jewels and the gold
Was much too heavy and cumbersome
For my small, slender neck to hold.

So I tossed it aside, and before my eyes
Was a cross of rose-red flowers;
And I said with delight as I put it on,
"This cross I can wear for hours."

For it was so dainty and fragile,
So lovely and light and thin;
But I had forgotten about the thorns
That started to pierce my skin.

Then in a dream I saw my cross ...
Rugged and old and plain;
The clumsy old cross I had looked upon
With discontented and disdain.

And at last I knew that God had made
This special cross for me;
For God in His great wisdom
Knew what I before could not see ...

That often the loveliest Cross
Are the heaviest crosses to bear;
For only God is wise enough
To choose the cross each can wear.

So never complain about your cross,
For your cross has been blessed;
God made it just for you to wear
And remember ... God knows best.
~ Helen Steiner Rice ~

Our cross is hard to bear but just look what our Savior faced. If he could watch His son be beaten and persecuted I can help my little one through health issues. Oh how good God is!

The plans changed a little bit. Ava’s blood count is a little low so they decided to do a blood transfusion before the procedure. This will take 3 hours. This hospital is notorius for waiting. I know I need patience as it is good to get her body totally ready. So when that is done we will be heading to the Operating room. They were explaining that this is a brand new room that they just opened up. Her surgeon Dr. Shilyansky is on vacation in Chicago. He has called several times to check on her. I know he really loves Ava and that helps so much. A radiologist is actually doing the procedure. I’m hoping to meet him before but who knows when it will be probably late afternoon early evening. They have not even started the blood transfusion yet. I need to learn patience that is for sure.

She is resting now. Ava is a fighter. She is the sunshine that warms my day.



My Three Sons said...

Praying for pain free days and strength for you .

Lacey said...

sheesh, one thing after another. I thought for sure that she would have the surgery and be home in a few days. Praying the fluid comes out and she heals quickly.

Anonymous said...

In our prayers! How many surgeries/procedures does this make for little Ava

Anonymous said...

You are such a great mom....keep fighting for Ava...she is a little doll!