Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dare to Believe.

I just have to add Josh Groban’s song to today’s entry. I ADORE this song and in life we MUST raise one another up. I can say whole heartedly that Ava’s followers help to raise me up. I LOVE your messages of encouragement they not only bring me happiness but I have peace that ALL things will work out just fine. Please keep the support and prayers coming. Enjoy this beautiful song tonight as it is coming directly from my heart to yours! Ultimately God raises us ALL up but I know He send each one of you to help carry out that mission and I thank you.

Ava has been a little grouchy today. I guess I can’t really blame her. She wanted to move to the couch all day yesterday but we felt it might be too painful. So today I gave her a sponge bath, then we moved her to the couch. She was a little better but still has her moments. I think mostly she just hates being here. So the sooner we get her home the faster she will heal.

Here is her with her hair all washed.


FINALLY on the couch and out of that bed!


She is very upset about having a cathedar. She did this last surgery when it was time to remove the epideral. SO I’ll imagine they will come out tomorrow. We have Demeraol to fall back on if needed.

Her tummy is measuring 53 cm’s. That is the size she was before surgery BUT swelling is expected…….it will go down.

I did change her central line dressing today also. It had a lot of dried blood on it from Friday. It looks much better now. She did cry and as soon as I set up the table she just KNEW. I felt horrible but knew she would be better for me than any of the nurses… no one can be more sterile than mommy!


So all in all we are just hanging out. Oh the University of Iowa Dance Marathon had supper for us catered in by “Texas Roadhouse”. It was very good.

A few have personally emailed asking how I have been feeling. I am still healing and the pain kind of comes and goes but I am much better. Thanks for your concerns.

Keep the prayers and wonderful messages coming they help more than you will ever know. We serve and Awesome God don’t we?



Julie Power said...

Dearest Family, you will stay on our family's prayer list way out here in Texas indefinitely. You know your faity is so very evident on your blogs and I can't tell you how much that lifts ME up...yes you lift ME up. I know my life has had some struggles and I know if God gives me life, I will have more and you are teaching me how to face these challenges with a Christ like attitude and manner. We have friends with a CDH baby...her grandparents are Believers but not her parents (I dont' think) and seeing the glory you give God in the midst of a difficulty and seeing what another couple has to deal with as well but without a solid faith...shows me how awesome the power of God is in our lives...and how empty I'd be without my show me that daily and I'm crying just writing this to you.

God bless you, you are forever in my heart and always in my prayers. I doubt I'll ever see you in this life this side of Heaven but Heaven do look me up so we can chit-chat...or if ever in the Lone Star State on the East side not far from Dallas, know you have a friend...and if ever in the area....come see us..

Love ya'll,
Julie Power and family (Tye and kids: Josiah, 4years and Eowyn, 20 months.)

Lacey said...

Lookin good baby girl. Texas Roadhouse, sounds yummy to me. Praying it continues to go smooth and your home before you know it.

Nimkee's Mum said...

~Dear Ava...what a brave and courageous girl you are. Whenever I feel scared about something, I think of you and your Mommy, Daddy, and sisters....and I always find the strength to face it----just like all of you do! (((BIG HUGS AVA)))

~Terri, I read all of your updates through my email (feedblitz). This is the first I've been to the actual site in quite some time. I love the new layout and background. You have put so much time, heart and soul into this---thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. It gives me strength to endure the hardships that we all face. I am keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers, and hope that Ava is home soon, better than ever!

Lots of Love, Prayers for Peace, & Nimkee blessings to you all,
Melissa xxoo :O)

Katie said...

Praying that Ava gets home soon!

funncrazymommy0208 said...

glad to hear ava's pooping thats great. Ava your a brave strong girl you are in our prayers .