Monday, June 15, 2009

Our Day

So Ava is popping out of these two surgeries with flying colors. She is eating and walking and driving me nuts. A sign that all is well and time to think about heading home. The docs are trying to pin point the exact bug in Ava’s abcess and when they do she will be given only the antibiotic that fights it off. She is on three right now. Gentomyocin, Flagyl and oh it has escaped my tired mind. Here is the run down of the day.

Breakfast…eggs, bacon and cranberry juice! She ate as well as she does at home. A whole egg or more and a bacon slice! See that BIG bite?


After breakfast I made her walk about the nurses station. She was very upset with me. I feel so badly because I know it can not feel good but I also know you must get up and move to get better! Next it was blowing bubbles. This was especially fun for her today. She has not been wanting to do them today was a new day!


And more…..


And more….


Next the Child Life lady came in and helped her color and do stickers. Then I warmed up some of grandpa D’s famous chicken and rice soul. She ate a whole cup or more of that soup….thanks Dad! I ate a bowl too, delicious!


You guessed it “Nap time”….however not for Mommy. I had to talk to docs which thought she looked great today!


Supper……pizza, and tater tots…yummy yummy! “Ava be careful pouring that juice.”


So then I decided it was such a beautiful day out that we would go for a walk outside. She was not thrilled and I made Maryanne our nurse give her the Ativan before leaving. She decided to walk with the stroller and not ride in it. I bet we walked a half a mile tonight in and out of the hospital. She is a champ and can see home in her eyes!


How cute is this Princess? Sas and ALL! Valerie your outfits you made for Ava have been a God-send to us. JUST COMPLETELY PERFECT! WE get comments nonstop on how great they are. Thanks again!


Outside we can see the light and breath the fresh air!!




Her tooth brush/tooth paste obsession.


ANd last but not least and perhaps my favorite…..making herself right at home, Miss Ava lounging!


One last thought I nearly forgot. Dr. Pitcher Ava’s 2nd surgeon that has been looking out for her this week told me today that he was very worried about her on Saturday night and was……. guess what?……checking her blog after he got home. Dr. Shilyansky, Ava’s surgeon was out of town this weekend and he was also calling to see how his little girl was doing. Now that everyone warms my heart and touches me beyond words. I know they truly care about her and can not rest until they know she is taken care of. God has blessed us with wonderful doctors. “Ava’s Doctors, if you are reading, We love you and thank you for all your hard work…..AND for listening. For that is a great and powerful doctor in our eyes!”

Thanks for checking in on Ava, as you can see she is feeling much better. Please help us pray she will be healing right and that the scar adhesions stay far away this time. Sleep tight as Ava is already snuggled in for the night. God Bless.



Lacey said...

She looks ready to go home. Get those antibiotics, pull that drain, and get the heck out of dodge.

brad.kellie.carter.lucy said...

I was hoping to see her eating a big bowl of ice cream, but eggs, bacon, soup, tater tots and pizza are much better!!!! :) Hooray for Miss Ava! She looks really good and I know she's thinking about home. Hang in there mom.

familyofpikes said...

I have been following Ava's blog for quite some time. I cannot believe what Ava and your family has been through in a short amount of time. She is truly a gift. She is a strong and resiliant little girl. I am so happy she has pulled through noth surgeries with flying colors!!! Keep up the good work Ava!!!
~Catherine (Aunt and Godmother to baby Jack Jensen)