Thursday, January 20, 2011

Virus in the Eye.

Hello! Ava is getting better thanks to all your prayers. Her cough is slowly leaving. She's been complaining her eyes hurt. Last night she cried so this morning I took her to the eye doctor. He was very nice. He told us she has a virus in her eyes, probably from her cold. He's seen many people lately with the same thing. It isn't serious but it can turn bacterial, which may mean more antibiotics. He gave us eye drops to put in them a few times a day. Hopefully she'll get better in a few days.

Also her appetite is back. She's been eating really good since she's feeling better. I don't believe she lost any weight from her cold. I always worry.

Here are a few pictures of today.

Thanks for all your prayers. We give God all the glory.

The book is coming along great. Thanks for the support. I know so many can benefit from Ava's journey. I sit back in awe of all that God has done for my little girl. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day everyone!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Coughing take a hike!

Hello Ava watchers. I had to take Ava back to the doctor on Saturday morning due to her cough. She just can't seem to kick it. I listened to her lungs here at home but I wanted to be sure it had not gone to her lungs. Her pulsox machine was saying she was doing great. Her saturation levels were 100 and her heart rate was normal. You know me I had to be certain. Good thing I took her in as she had a sinus and ear infection. Good news was her lungs sounded clear it was all in her nose and throat.

I'm hoping the antibiotics do the trick and fast. She is acting much better but the cough has GOT to go. She is not liking the breathing treatments so much anymore. She does this thing with the mask and it sounds like piggie noises. She entertains us!

Please pray that she gets over this cough very soon. I still worry for her lungs. Thanks for checking in!

~ Terri

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cold-ville...not a pleasant place.

Hello everyone! Ava caught a nasty cough/cold on Sunday. She ran a low grade fever for a few days. She complained of a sore throat. I was nervous as ever. She is in good spirits but I can tell it is affecting her....she stays on the couch a good portion of the day. I right away started the Albuterol and Pulmicort treatments. She's also on Dimetap cold and cough every four hours.

I took her to a Otolaryngology or ENT (ear, nose, and throat) doctor on Monday. He thought it looked viral and not bacterial. He gave us nose spray (Patanase) and told us if she wasn't better in about 5 days to call him again.

See this silly Girl?

Her cough worried me so I got out her Pulsox machine. (This tells me her heart rate and her oxygenating number.) Her heart rate was about 100. (Which is normal.) Her O2 number was 98 so all was good. So right now I feel we are on the right track. I start worrying again when it becomes closer to the weekend. It seems all doctors disappear :) I'm glad the fever is gone. I know some may think I'm over exaggerating about a cold. However I never feel totally safe with Ava and a sickness. Here is a video of Ava this morning.

Ava and I vistited a few of my sisters and a brother in St. Louis last week. We had tickets to see Joel Osteen. If you are not familiar....he is an awesome Preacher. He is all about being positive and giving hope. I started watching him on TV when I was pregnant with Ava. He helped encourage me to think of her as a blessing just as my other girls were. When he quoted the verse "All things work together for the glory of God." I knew he was 100% right. I HAD to have faith! SO when we found out he was doing a book signing, right near my sister's house we got very excited. I couldn't believe this was about to happen. "I was going to meet Joel Osteen!" We waited in line for about 30 minutes. Joel and his wife Victoria walked right by us. He stopped and shook my hand. It was a true gift. When we made it up to the table I told of how he inspired me and I told him about Ava and her birth defect. I explained how awesome it was for us to be able to witness a Miracle. He agreed and hoped all was well with Ava now. I was proud to be able to stand beside my family and my little Ava. How great is God? SO GREAT!

This is us and our signed books. We were a bit happy if you can't tell!

The concert was such an uplifting experience. I did keep Ava at my Sister's house as I knew it wasn't for her. I got such a blessing that night. God pulled at my heart strings. I started writing a book about Ava, 4 years ago. I stopped because I got discouraged. I told myself I wasn't a writer and who would publish 'my' book? Hearing his message made me realize it was 'my' time and that God wants me to fulfil ALL the dreams in my life. GOD will give me what I need to accomplish the book. So I've vowed to God, my family and friends I'll continue to write Ava's story. I have this wonderful blog to help piece it all together!

I'm occasionally asked if Ava will have to have other surgeries. As of today she is doing well. We keep an eye (by CT scan) on her gortex patch that serves as her diaphragm. She takes medicines to control her reflux. She has had no signs of bowel obstruction for about a year and a half now. She does have a severe pectus (large indent) above her lungs on her chest. So far it has not affected her breathing. We know her body is healing but can never be certain her patch won't break with her growth or be digested AGAIN by her bowel. We can only pray. None of us know our future. That is a worry I must give to God daily.

I can't protect Ava against all illnesses I know. I do realize she needs to be exposed eventually. It just hard to see her not feel well. Please everyone say a prayer that she gets over this soon. Her little eyes look so sad and sick. Thanks so much for stopping by! Stay healthy, well AND warm! It is 0 degress here in Iowa today...Buuurrrr!

~ Terri

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Celebrating the New Year!

Hello Ava followers. Happy New Year! My prayer is that we all have a Happy, Healthy Blessed 2011! I can't believe it has been over a month since I've posted. Things have been going good for us. Ava did get a cold but she managed to get through it with cold/cough medicine. Her sisters both had to be on antibiotics. This is huge for Ava! Time has been flying by for us. Christmas was Wonderful. Ava counted the days down before Santa would come. She had so much excitement Christmas Morning. She was able to keep the presents under the tree for almost three WHOLE weeks! We held our family Christmas at our house this year. It really meant so much to me. I was able to photograph my entire family. God is so good!

I love that So many of you still follow Ava's journey. I'm so thankful you can each see her in this healthy way. She hasn't gained weight but she hasn't lost any either. Her height is soaring. She is just growing up so fast....right before our eyes! She is in size 10 shoes! I thank God daily for His Goodness and Mercy in keeping Ava healthy.

I took a few pictures of her today. She was playing Dress-up and naturally she choose to be a Princess. And we HAD to find her tiara!

This has to be my favorite!

I'll back up now and give you a few from Christmas.

I even got a picture of my extended family. How cool to be able to have pictures for years to come?

Thanks for stopping by....We sure appreciate your comments and we Thank you for your prayers. A Happy and Healthy Blessed year to you All!