Thursday, June 11, 2009

Opening Incision

So in less than an hour they will be opening part of her incision. They are going to give her Versed and Demerol. They have already put a topical numbing creme on her incision and the skin around the area. I just hate that she has to go through more not to mention the scar from this. It will heal on it’s own open.

This is her incision this morning as you can see there is something under the skin….most likely pus. Bad news is I am alone here. Brian went home last night. Perhaps it won’t hurt her as much as I think it will.


They will be opening the part right above her belly button that has the black marker around it.


We got out and did a small stroller ride just up here on the floor. As you can see her hat is pulled down over her eyes. Even at 2 I truly believe she is depressed.


We need prayers.



Walker Family said...

Big prayers and hugs coming your way. I pray that the medicine works quickly, and she is smiling soon.
Love, Katherine, Dave and Ben

Anonymous said...

I have been following Ava's story for over a year and my heart just aches for her and your family. I will be praying for Ava and your family. I started following when Sofie Miller was born. Her dad is from my hometown. These kids are amazing.

Kenny and Jennifer Miller said...

Praying for Ava. Keep your chip up, sweet girl. I can't wait to see that Ava smile again!

Darcy said...

Sitting at work and praying for Ava and for you Terri. I pray that you have strength for today as you are there by yourself and are Ava's rock.

Lacey said...

Praying that everything goes great and that takes care of the problem. Does this mean more wound care for you guys?

Angi Grasso said...

Praying for sweet little Ava to be smiling and happy soon.

Julie Power said...

You have our continued prayers...

Seth CDH survivor said...

We will be praying for little Ava

Alison And Family