Saturday, June 6, 2009

Great night

Ava did wonderful over night. She slept most of the night. Her pain has been managed well. She only whines when her central line is being messed with or when Michele gives her suppository Tylenol.

She has an epideral with Hydromorphone   &  Bupivacaine .01% at a rate of 4 an hour. She is also getting Tylenol every 4 hours. She does wake and watch her movies but then drifts back to sleep shortly after.

Her heart rate has been finally coming down. She was between 140-190 beats after surgery and most of the night. I was glad to see by the time I went to sleep she was finally in the high 130’s. That means she is resting much better.

I stayed up until midnight letting Brian take a nap……then I had to tell him it was his shift as my eyes could NOT stay open! I woke a few times asking how she was and all was well so back to sleep I went.

Her tummy last night.


They did give her another central line- a Hickman line to be exact. AND it is in the same spot. I thought the same spot couldn’t be used but they assured me there was no scar tissue and they gained access quickly…..She has been feeling on it. She also has an NG tube in her nose that runs to her stomach, draining the extra fluid. They did hook her g tube to drain so my hope is to get the NG tube out today. She doesn’t need it. The liquid went from green (meaning intestinal bile) to yellow. (stomach bile)

She is already asking for a drink. I did sneak her two small ice chips, as I knew her little mouth was so dry. She crunched on them happily!

Her tummy looks great…for all it has been through. Dr. S just went through the same scar site. Her distention is gone but I can tell she is a tad bit swollen but that will go down in a few days.

I asked her nurse Michele (whom we love) this morning if we could take out the IV in her hand. Her little hand was swollen. It looks much better gone.

This picture was taken about a half an hour ago. She is a little puffy in the face but over all we are thrilled with how well she is doing. She hates to cough but I can’t blame her there.



We are hoping for a very restful, non eventful day. REST, REST and MORE REST! Thank goodness for blankies and sassies!



Sue mom to Emily LCDH 1-22-08 said...

What a strong, brave, beautiful little girl you have. You must be so proud of how well she tolerates all the medical in her life. My prayer is for this to be the end of her tummy troubles. Ava has endured so much and it's time for her to just be a kid. My thoughts and prayers are always with her..and you too Terri, from one CDH Mom to another.


Lacey said...

You go girl. Continue to fight and show how strong you are. I can't believe they opened up that whole incision for a bowell obstruction. Her tummy looks great though.

Darcy said...

I haven't posted comments in a couple of days but I have been checking in on Ava and praying for her. What a strong little fighter she is. I am so amazed by her!
Praying for a uneventful recovery and being back home soon.