Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Conquering Her Fears...

Ava says "Hello Eveebodi!" She has been doing LOTS of new things. We went on a small family vacation last week to Adventureland. She rode on a few of the rides. She was not afraid at all. She rode the planes, trains, dragons, boats, lady bugs, small ferris wheel and kids semi trucks. She was in Heaven I have to add. She was smiling ear to ear most of the time. Before the end of the afternoon she was all tuckered out. We had a great day! Enjoy the slideshow of a few of our favorite pictures.

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Ava was a bit held back in her gaining weight due to a cold. We put her on breathing treatments that seemed to help out a ton. She is finally getting back to normal. I know it was due to her being so "out in public" but she really needed to get out an experience life.

I weighed her today and she is back to 31 pounds. She had lost a pound so I was very worried. Must have been all the sweet corn we've been eating lately with the REAL better added to hers. She eats the butter plain! Yep she loves it!

I was concerned about her g tube hole as it was getting red again but with a few days of antibiotic ointment it is looking much better. She has just a bit more to close and it will be all healed.

I took the girls on a bike ride today to the park. It was SO hot out today.I brought along my tiny camera to get a few pictures. Take a look.

Back to the title of the post... Forever Ava has been afraid of almost everything. She is very afraid to try new things. She holds back until she is 100% sure she will not get hurt. The amusement park was a big step for Ava but tackling the waterpark was HUGE. She went down the waterslide for the very first time yesterday. I was SUPER proud of her. Watch the video below...

Please continue to keep Ava in your prayers.Thanks for your love and support.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vacation + Ava = Stress.

Hello Ava friends. We are in St. Louis on vacation. We have a lot of family here and it is such a nice, busy place! We came on Friday and all was good. We celebrated 4th of July with the three F’s… AWESOME Family, Food and Fireworks.

My favorite picture of the 4th this year…

IMG_1430 (2)

Okay this too is one of my favs. This is our newest addition to the family….Christian.

IMG_1475 (2)

Ava enjoying fireworks.

IMG_1329 (2)

My sister’s dog patches kept barking at her when she would try to ride the tractor. It was so cute.

IMG_1387 (2)

Miss Celebration shows her 4th spirit!

IMG_1397 (2)

Can I take your order? This is her favorite game. She asks and then she scribbles on the paper.

IMG_1400 (2)

She now tells us, “I eat and get bigger and bigger and bigger!”

IMG_1443 (2)

We have a pinata every year and the kids go wild. Ava not so much but we enjoy watching.

IMG_1492 (2)

Here is all the grandkids but one.

IMG_1489 (2)

Ava relaxing on the swing.

IMG_1594 (2)

AND no 4th is complete without a tractor ride.


IMG_1617 (2)


IMG_1627 (2)

We saw the air show and fireworks at the arch. It was a site to see.

IMG_1636 (2)

IMG_1646 (2)

IMG_1673 (2)Did you see the guy on the airplane? Yikes that scared us!    

This was everyone that went to the fireworks on the 4th. Pretty large groups huh?

IMG_1695 (2)

Miss thing lovin the fireworks.

IMG_1700 (2)

So yea this is me. We did glow in the dark sticks and got real creative.

IMG_1714 (2)

My wonderful sisters and I.

IMG_1706 (2)

Lexis, Emeline and Abby.

IMG_1722 (2)

Awesome fireworks!

IMG_1781 (2)

IMG_1794 (2)             

Ava as you know has to keep me popping! Yesterday she started becoming very tired and grouchy. She wasn’t interested in eating. I knew something was up with her. She then ran a fever of 101.8. Her hole (where her g tube had been) was red. It was also raised a little bit. It looked very different than the day before. I called her doctor’s office and naturally they were all off due to the holiday. I was then transferred to the ER doctor on call. I explained our situation and he reluctantly agreed to give us antibiotics. I felt confident it was an infection at the site. Within about 4 hours of giving her a dose of Tylenol and her antibiotics she was feeling much better, even wanting to eat again. Today she is pretty much back to her normal self. I am so glad that I got on top of it before it became a raging war. The hole is still open a tiny bit. I’m hoping it closes completely soon.

Thanks for stopping by and keep her in your prayers.