Monday, June 8, 2009

Grouchy Girl

Poor Ava she is dealing the best she knows how. She just does not want to be here. The first thing this morning she pointed to the couch. We knew it was not to wait but to move her NOW. She slept all night and did perfectly. I am not sleeping well due to checking on her. Normally Brian stays up with her at night but I told him since she had slept the night before that he could sleep. So then I felt like I needed to be her watch guard!

First thing this morning I went to see my oral surgeon. My teeth seem to throb at night. I’ve been doing all I was told to do. He just happened to be in Iowa City at the College of Dentistry. I went in and saw about 20 people in line…..oh no I thought I can’t stay here. BUT you know how God works……they called me right back as he remembered my situation. Good news is everything looks fine and he said he thinks stress makes the bodies healing process slow down. So he prescribed me more pain meds and off I went.

We did lots of fun things today. While I was out I stopped and got Ava a few things to do. She loves finger painting and is actually a little artist!


Her masterpiece!


She stood for about 10 seconds today without too much pain.

She loves to brush her teeth so this is a special treat we do about 50 times a day. She likes it SO much as you can see.


And here are my favorites of today. She likes to hold her cords and wires so naturally I had to photograph her as this is precious to me. If you look real close you will see it is her epideral line.


Love this pose.


“Hands together in prayer.” I did not pose her for this. I simply take pictures of how she is laying. The pillow case makes me think of Heaven.



We asked her if she was ready to go for a stroller ride. AND head head shook YES. She was so happy to get out of this room.


They did take her catheder out this morning but left the epideral in so I’m hoping she will feel better. She has been drinking great but her g tube has been left to drain. I decided to see what will happen if I close it off. She will either throw up if it doesn’t move through or she will get really distended. I’ll give it a few hours. Oh a HUGE piece of news is she finally pooped today!! This is BIG in the surgery world. One step closer to Home!

Praying that she continues to heal…….



Lacey said...

Yeah, the toots and the poops are huge in the bowel surgery world. Hopefully the H word is not far away.

Liz and Shane said...

that is great that you were able to seen right away. I hope you are feeling better. Ava amazes me on how strong she is and how fast her little body heals. Prayers are coming your way.

My Three Sons said...

I have been out of town so I have been trying to follow off of my cell phone. I'm glad that everything is going in the right direction. Keep it up Ava, yourdoing a great job!