Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shoo…. made it through that one.

Ava’s incision draining procedure went well. She was pretty calm but did cry a few times. The found that it is just in the skin layer and is not coming from underneath. They might know something in a few days but since we started her on antibiotics we may never know. The results are altered if antibiotics are given unless it is a bug that that particular antibiotic did not cover. She such a strong little girl. I surprised myself and was strong for her as well. I normally are not bothered by these things but today was a little different. Good thing there are calming meds for Mommies too!

Here is Ava right before the procedure. She is watching Little People. I hated to disturb her especially for this.


This is Ava after it….okay about 2 hours later. She slept for nearly two hours after the procedure. Did I mention she is eating now? She has eaten 5 teaspoons of peanut butter, 10 rotini noodles, and 6 teaspoons vanilla ice cream. AND it has all stayed down. She had a large bowel movement for me last night and again this morning. We are very excited about this.


You guys are absolutely wonderful. Your messages warm my heart and I don’t feel alone when I come here and see all the prayers and support we have. From the bottom of my tired heart I say with a large voice, “Thanks!”

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Anonymous said...

She is such an amazing little lady. What she has endured amazes me. Your family must be one of the strongest I know. I believe that God has brought all of you through this, but I also believe that you all have been each others support. God Bless you all. I will continue to pray for Ava's recovery and strenght.
She is beautiful.

God Bless all the CDH families/babies.


Lisa said...

She is so strong! I hope she is on the right track now and maybe she can be home soon!! Keep the Faith!

Lisa in Mississippi

Julie Power said...

Dear, you are anything but alone...there are people all over this country lifting you guys in prayer everyday (example:me from TEXAS...) and reading your blog frequently...then there's the Almighty's presence in your life and I can just imagine the host of angels surrounding you guys you remember in the Bible when God opened one of the prophet's eyes to the spiritual realm and he saw he was surrounded by heavenly hosts?...(I think if it was Elisha or Elija I forget which prophet at the moment) but the point is I picture you guys and Ava just surrounded by such a hosts of God's angels...

Julie Power

Jonathan and Sarah said...

YEA!! I'm so glad it went well & she's holding down food!! What great news!

funncrazymommy0208 said...

so glad to hear that avas keeping her food down we will continue to pray for ava god bless you and your family

Stephanie said...

Oh, I so feel your pain. We went through the same ordeal when Vincentio had his diaphragmatic hernia repair. The whole center of the incision dehisced, meaning it broke open. We could see all the sutures in the underlying tissue. After they drained the infection, it had to heal open as well. It was NOT a pretty ordeal, but now the scar really doesn't look that bad. It's not as "clean" looking as his open heart scar by far, but not too bad. It's so sad our kids look like they've been through a war, but in the end, seeing them healthy again is all worth it.
I hope miss Ava is feeling better.

Sue mom to Emily LCDH 1-22-08 said...

Terri, I'm so relieved to hear that Ava is once again on the mend. This little setback won't keep her down for long. She is such a strong, amazing kid and YOU are an awesome mom for always being by her side, knowing what she needs(or doesn't need), and advocating for her 24/7. Looking forward to reading the update about going HOME!
Love and prayers,

ps. sorry it's taking me so long on that care package :)