Friday, June 5, 2009

Out of surgery

Is this picture priceless.


Ava is flying and recovering SUPER. I was a little taken back by her looks as I am a little weak still from my own surgery and with no sleep. I had to step back in the hall for a few minutes and gather myself. She did so well they took her off the ventilator. PRAISE GOD! She has an epideral for pain and she is also doing Tylenol. Besides that it is ALL her. I feel so much relief although we are not out of the woods quite yet.

This was taken in the recovery room. She was trying to sit up.






I couldn’t resist hand and feet shots.



The PICU was pretty busy so we had to wait about an hour before they took her up. It was nice to see so many familiar faces. She immediately settled down and is now sleeping comfortably. I am just so happy.

Doctor Shilyansky said there was three narrow spots. There were three narrow spots. Two were very inflamed and he had to cuff them in order to make them smaller , so they could function well. One section was (inch) taken out due to a small, narrow area.

So the hope is for her to rest and recover with the epideral and get to the regular floor and then to go home. Please pray things progress as they are!

The epideral is bleeding a little so we are keeping a close eye on that. So far we are avoiding Narcotics. She is severely allergic to Fentonyl, Didaudid, and Morphine. So not much more choices. Perhaps Demerol if she absolutely needs it.


She did communicate with me and tell me she wanted her sassy. So that makes my heart soar! God is good!

Here is Ava in the PICU.


Thanks for all the prayers……she NEEDS them badly right now.



Anonymous said...

Wow she looks great for someone who just came out of surgery. Thank you God!! I will continue to pray that she recovers very fast and you guys can go home soon. She is amazing.


funncrazymommy0208 said...

ava looks great so happy she is out of surgery and recovering your family is in my prayers God Is Good!

Katie said...

Saying lots of prayers for Ava!

Lacey said...

She looks great, the epidural will be so nice to keep her comfortable. Praying she continues to do well.