Thursday, June 11, 2009

“The” Scare

Ava had a really bad coughing spell about a half an hour ago. Her heart rate got over 200 and she was having a hard time breathing. I was calm but was starting to panick as she kept coughing. I pushed the emergency nurse button three times and finally I said, “I need a nurse in here NOW. Her heart is 200!!” So I dealt with the spell for about 20 minutes all on my own. She was hooked to our home monitor so I knew she was pretty bad when it started beeping. I was a little relieved to see her Oxygen levels were staying good.

So the nurse finally came in and we agreed that we thought the coughing was due to her laying down all day. She had the incision opened at 11 am and then at about 3 pm Josh our NP came in to look at it and it had already started to heal close. If it closes then the pus can’t drain. So right there on the couch he opened it back up. I’m usually not squeamish but I have to say when you watch someone sticking a q tip into your child’s incision about a fourth of an inch deep your skin crawls!

When I went to move her to put her to bed she woke and started coughing badly. Usually she holds back because of the incision pain. No this time it was a hard belly cough that would not cough.

Her coughing “spell” lasted about a half an hour. I immediately grabbed the g tube extention to put her to drain as I knew she was coughing so hard whatever was in her tummy would be coming up. When she gets into extreme pain she crawls into herself. It is so hard for me to see. The nurse and I decided that since her lungs were moving air good it was probably pain due to the incision from all the coughing. It took forever for the pharmacy to send up the Motrin as she does really well with this medicine.

She has settled down…well no I got to go she is coughing again and he HR is back up.

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Liz and Shane said...

I am praying stops and she is able to get a good nights rest. I am praying for you that you continue to be healthy and strong for you to be with Ava. Hang in there!