Friday, June 5, 2009

She is in surgery.

Ava did not want to be put to sleep. I went into the OR with her and was trying to calm her by singing her songs and talking about “Little People”, “Barney” and “Imagination Movers”. 

The “go lytely” didn’t work last night but this morning it ALL came out in the potty chair. I was so glad to see that….;) She didn’t sleep well at all and the IV got kinked go they had to re-tape it, which was NO fun. Daddy got sleep but Mommy no. I kept checking her diaper.

This was her this morning…….bright and early she wanted right out of the bed onto the couch. She was joking with her Daddy.



Ava picks out a movie from her HUGE selection.


This was right before we took her to the OR. She looks so tiny.


Please pray for OUR Ava. She is our life.

~The Helmick’s


Lacey said...

I know she will do great and be out of the OR before you know it. Good luck.

Kenny and Jennifer Miller said...

Praying for Ava today! I'm glued to your Twitter updates!


Anonymous said...

Glad things went well i will be praying for her

Alison Seth's mommy