Saturday, June 20, 2009

Drain is out

So this morning I looked at the dressing around her drain and it was wet. I decided I must redress it as her skin is very sensitive. When I was able to see it one of the holes that were supposed to be inside her were “outside” instead. THAT must have been the reason the air kept filling the bulb. I sure wish they would have looked at it…..and pulled it last night….arghhh!

Here is Ava this morning. ~I want to thank Nancy and her family for sending the frog (Fully Rely On God) on Ava’s tummy.~


Here is what I saw……. Do you see one of the drain holes coming out near her skin? Not a good thing.


I called Pediatric surgery and they told me it had to be pulled. She gave me three options, come there,  go to our local ER, or pull it out myself. Okay everyone is thinking right now…..  “You didn’t?” I did! I called my aunt Janice who is a nurse to help me. The doctor had warned me that there was a curve at the end. I have never seen her in this much pain ever. It was horrible. I held her skin taunt and my Aunt Janice pulled with all her might. She said it was like pulling against a brick wall. My cousin Mindi had to have a drain removed like this and she said that it felt like they were pulling her guts out…..burned terribly bad.

Oh just another day in the life of my little Ava. I was telling the girls afterwards that she has to go through so much. I told them their sister was one of the strongest people I know.

Ava thinks medical thing are normal. Here is an example of what I mean. She knows Tegaderm covers things up. If she gets a hold of one she opens it and puts  it in places like this one. Sadly this makes her feel “normal.”


This last picture I will end with……to me she is pointing to each one of us and saying, “I want you to pray for me!”


Thanks for checking back in…..will the drama ever end? I sure hope so…..I’m just relieved that it is out. She seems happier now.


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