Friday, August 29, 2008

To Touch a Butterfly and see an Angel.

A Very Special and Rare thing happened today. We were going to leave and a butterfly came accross our path. Brian noticed it and grabbed it so Ava could take a closer look. She loved it as you can see. I just sat down to download the pictures off on to my computer and a feeling came over me. Perhaps the butterfly was her ^Angel^ CDH friends stopping by to say, "Hello." It brings tears to my eyes to think how close I was to an angel.

How truly special this is to me!


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

NICU nurses eat your Heart out!

I took some pictures of Ava today in her RN outfit. This is inspired by all our fabulous nurses at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. We love you all and will never forget you! She is here today because of the occupation YOU chose!

Taryn I think she looks like your twin- okay maybe your evil twin! "Seriously?!"

Maybe you all should think about driving one of these to CHOP. I bet you'd get lots of attention!


Ava's dentist appointment.

I had to take Ava to a children's specialist dentist today. She had a front tooth that was starting to decay by the gum line. Our family dentist scared me and told me we were going to have to put her in the hospital and fix it there. Dr. Matthew was great today. He told me that he could do it in the office without any numbing medicines. I was shocked. Since her tooth had decay he was simply going to remove the bad stuff and scrap it clean and put a filling in to seal it off. The fabulous news, Ava didn't cry! She laid very still and just looked at him. Her head was in his lap and her body was on my lap. The whole procedure only took about 3 minutes and when he was done her tooth looked a million times better. YEAH!

She was allowed to pick out of their treasure basket. She grabbed for the fake money. I had to laugh. She was given another gift too. It was a pink bracelet that had the words "courage" on it. I still am realing about how well she did. I guess it's good to surprise Mommy every so often, right?

She is growing and getting so big. In less than a week she'll be 2. My how the time flies!


Monday, August 25, 2008

Dear God...... why me?

This video will speak for itself. Today was unforgetable. I must laugh at what God sends my way.

Aren't we Mothers just the luckiest people on the face of the earth? How else would we laugh? Let's just say I made her "soak" in the tub for quite a long time after that incident. If I have made you smile I have done my job!

~Terri (Mommy to Gold digger!)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Huge News!

Ava went pee in her potty chair for the first time yesterday! We were so happy. We threw a potty party for a few minutes. We were all hollering and screaming, "Good job Ava!" She was so proud of herself. I was in complete surprise. I bought and set her chair up in the bathroom about 2 months ago and have not really made a big deal about it. So to say I was shocked is an understatement. Those are the days it is wonderful to just, "be a mother."

The next pictures are of yesterday as well. I am trying my hand at photography so we set the camera up and here are the pictures! The weather was perfect. I can't wait to get them blown up for the wall!

"Never take a day for granted. We don't know what tomorrow holds!"

Monday, August 11, 2008

Adventureland Park & Blank Zoo

Just arrived at Adventureland. Let the FUN begin!

Ava on her very first ride. She was petrified so they had to stop the ride to let her off. My poor baby!

The fun waterpark at Adventureland. Ava and I got trapped uder the bucket that came pouring down. I panicked a little bit but we got out quickly.

Naptime for Miss Ava. Everyone else is enjoying the waterpark.

Is Ava too young to know how to use a cell phone? Apparently NOT!

Ava loving the boat ride. Finally something that makes her smile!

Daddy and Ava watching the rides at Adventureland.

Seeing double....Ava is intriged by mirrors!

Us attempting to go accross the rope bridge. Not too fun.

Mommy and Ava enjoying the zoo!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Fabulous Weekend!

Ava proudly displaying her "unbroken" egg!

All the cousins playing "Don't break the egg." Ava naturally had to play with them.

Ava loved my sisters dog Freddy. He loved her too! They were so adorable playing together. She even went in to explore his dog house. Oh Ava!

Freddy taking Ava on a walk! Two seconds after this picture she was pulled so hard by him that she had to let go of his leash. Boy if you could only hear the shrill she let out.

Ava in her portable bed. She has almost out grown out of it. She is now 34 inches long! Her feet touch the bottom and her head is all the way at the top. If only we could get her to grow out instead of up!

Here is us getting ready to leave for the Boyz II Men concert. Aunt Mary, Me and Aunt Amanda. Oh how I needed to get away. The concert was amazing.

We always have such a great time at Amanda and Jason's house. Thanks so much Amanda for letting us stay. The concert was exactly what I needed! We also stopped by my other sister Tina's house to celebrate Josh's 6th Birthday. Tina we loved the homa-made icecream. We all had such a wonderful time.