Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ava and Me…… feeling better.

Hello to all of you out there in internet world! My surgery to remove three teeth went well……can one say that? I was in pain for a few days but feel a little more like myself today. It really takes the wind right out of your sails that is for sure! I’m on the mend!

Ava has been doing EXTREMELY well and it is SO hard for me not to think she is ALL better but I do know this is just something she does and that surgery will make her even better. I’m praying this time that the scar tissue and adhesions stay far away! She is eating up a storm and her newest pleasure is PEANUT BUTTER! She has eaten about 7 spoonfuls just today!


“See how small my belly is today?”


We will be leaving tomorrow for Iowa City in the morning. I’m not sure of the time. I am going to call up there and be certain they have a room for her. Last time we waited over 2 hours….yea not fun! She will be getting a colon cleanse for her surgery on Friday. We decided it was best if we just stay overnight. Then she will be all ready for surgery.

A few days ago I noticed she was getting a bad yeast infection. I called her doc and they prescribed Fluconazole. Wow did that ever help her belly go down. I’m wondering if she didn’t have trouble with yeast for awhile. I had asked about it but was always told it wasn’t yeast. Any way she is much better. Her belly is still distended but no where near where it was about 4 days ago. In fact I can see about a fourth of an inch under her g tube. Where as on Sunday you couldn’t see the stem of it. When it gets that distended it pulls her skin, causing her a lot of pain. Josh Ava’s nurse practioner suggested we use the dressing for her wound vac. It has worked like a charm. It holds the skin so it can’t pull so tight.

She loves ice cream! I love that smile!


Thanks for stopping by…..know that we truly appreciate all your support and prayers. I know that her being so well is a sign that God is gearing her little body up for a very prosperous surgery!



Lacey said...

Her hair is getting so long. Praying that the surgery goes beautifully, and they get the obstruction out.

My Three Sons said...

I will be praying for Ava and a speedy recovery!

Aep said...

Glad you and Ava are doing well!! Our prayers are always with you and sweet Ava. I hope all goes well with the surgery and recovery.
Hugs, Ana and Marco