Monday, January 23, 2012

Taking on a Challenge!

Hello Ava friends! She’s been doing better. She seems to be at that age where every little thing is a great big drama!

Many of you that have followed us since, well her birth, would know that she was delivered at Hospital of Pennsylvania and then rolled her across the street to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. We were very fortunate that God allowed us to find such a wonderful CDH hospital. The 16 plus hour drive home was well worth the end result of bringing our Sweet Ava home to see her sister’s for the first time when she was 50 days old!

I noticed today that CHOP’s Center for Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment was looking for videos of their patients to celebrate their 16th Birthday. I was honored to be able to send then a small video. Here is an entire video I made of the one small one I sent. Ava is so incredible in it. She sang, “Happy Birthday” to them and blew out the candle. I’m so proud of her!

Here is a few pictures of today’s recording of the Birthday video, just because…
Ava 3690
Ava’s “CDH Miracle” barrette I made for her. Perfect for this video!
Ava 3674
Okay here is one I couldn’t resist… an “OUT TAKE!”
Out takes 3740
I found this very nice photo frame at Hobby Lobby a few months ago. It was clearanced so it was as if God was telling me it was just PERFECT for us. It says, “Life takes Us to Unexpected Places. Love Brings Us Home.” Ava on the Oscillating Ventilator and the very first picture of the girls together at home. Simply Perfect!
Life 756 (2)

One more thing I must share. It was Ava’s turn to bring treats today to Preschool.  I saw this neat idea on Pinterest and HAD to do them. It was “Monster Monday” today at Messiah! (Magic Vanilla Pudding and vanilla wafers… yummy!)

Monster Monday 3657 (2)

Thanks for stopping by and God Bless!


Saturday, January 21, 2012

I See…

Hello all. We are fine now but Ava had to make my heart beat a little faster this morning. Lexis had decided to give the dog a bath and she hates blow drying him so I stepped in. I was nearly through when Ava came running in the bathroom holding her eye saying she scratched it with her thumb and could not see out of it. I took a deep breath and set her on the couch. I asked Lexis to get her a cold rag. We put that on it but she kept crying. I began getting concerned when she wouldn’t stop crying. I’ve scratched my cornea before so I know the pain.

I decided to call the doctor. (The one office is open until noon on Saturday.) Luckily it was 11:20 AM. They told us to come right in. We had to help her walk as she couldn’t see. I told her to keep her other eyes closed as well and try to rest them both. We made it to the doctors office. She then stopped crying. I asked her how it felt there and she said a little better. (Pictures are taken from my cell phone.)


EYE 0121121144


Lexis was my helper. I was glad to have her today. Emeline is on a ski trip with the church.


EYE 0121121145 (2)


The doctor put some dye in her eye and looked for scratches. He looked but found none. I felt SO much better about the situation then. He thought she may have irritated the lining of the eye but didn’t damage it. Thank the Lord! He said to keep an ‘eye’ on it. She didn’t need an eye patch or any antibiotic drops. We all left smiling. She feels much better. This was the way home.


EYE 0121121201


I’m so glad it was nothing serious. Ava always keeps me guessing and my heart beating… faster than normal. I’m again thinking this may be due to her right hand. The strength is just not there. She is continuing to gain strength, as she is still attending therapy. Since her hand strength is low her hands seem to get in the way. We appreciate all your thoughts and prayers. We are blessed to have such a supportive bunch of followers.



Saturday, January 14, 2012

Flu took a hike!

Hello friends! I just wanted to give you a quick Ava update. She is doing much better and by this morning was almost fully back to her happy, skippy, talky, jolly self! I think we are over that small hurdle. Praise God!

Her sisters thought they needed to enjoy the snow today so she was a little disappointed that she had to stay inside. She was so good that around 4:00 I decided that since she seemed to be doing so well that she deserved to go outside in the front and sled down our small hill. Well to say she was happy was an understatement. Smiles and laughs were all anyone could hear on our block.

Ava 3576

She was just enjoying herself so much!

Ava 3567

Now how awesome to see THAT smile?

Ava 3583

My heart is happy tonight. God is good. I came across this verse and thought it fit well,

Psalm 56:3 , 4 “What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee. In God I will praise his word, in God I have put my trust; I will not fear what flesh can do unto me.”

“God we come to you tonight, with grateful hearts, we thank you for Your goodness and  Mercy. We praise and thank you for making our daughter better. You know how heavy my heart was with worry. It is so hard with all Ava’s been through to cast her cares on you. Help me everyday to give my children back to you. I’m so glad you choose me to be their Mommy. In Jesus name, Amen.”

Thanks for lifting Ava in prayers everyone!


Friday, January 13, 2012

Oh no… not that!

Hello Ava followers. I’m posting because we need your prayers. Ava woke last night throwing up. She’s never had the flu only abdominal problems ever. We are hoping this is the flu. It is so hard with Ava as we are never for sure. I gave her a Phenergan Suppository and that seemed to help. She was finally able to get back to sleep. I called her preschool this morning and asked if they knew of anyone else that had the flu. She claims they are not aware of others… “Great” was my next thought.

Ava 2476

She is feeling a little better this morning and is drinking a little water. So well see how it goes. I called our local doctor and informed her but knowing Ava if she turns worse we will be heading to Iowa City. She always keeps us guessing.

She looks so different from last night. I took a few pictures of her and Emeline in their cute animal hats.

Ava 3516 (2)

And Emeline and Frankie…

Emeline 3528 (2)

PLEASE keep Ava in your prayers. She’s been doing so well. I just want to hide her all Winter long. There is so much junk going around right now. These are the days I wish I’d never put her in preschool. I’m hoping she can get some rest. Thanks for your love, support and prayers. I’ll try to keep you all posted. Remember, No news is good news.

~Terri (Ava’s Mommy)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ava in a Commercial?

Hello Ava friends. Yes you heard right! Ava was in her first commercial. It is for a local Therapy group which she uses three times a weak to gain more right hand strength. She did great. She did a typical session and then they videoed a few minutes of it for a commercial.

I just got over a very bad sinus cold. It was tough finishing the year and trying to keep away from Ava. Thank goodness Brian was able to be here all weekend long. I’m feeling much better now. We are praying Ava nor the rest of the house get the cold.

Our new year has started off pretty well. Ava happily returned to preschool yesterday after her very long Christmas break. She was thrilled to see all her friends and teachers!

A few pictures of her commercial day. Our Ava is a Star! I can’t wait until the entire commercial comes out. I’ll be sure and post it if I’m able to get the link.

Here is Ava and Cindy.

3488 final


3489 final

Thanks for dropping by and checking on Ava. Again we love all the messages! We appreciate the thoughts, love and prayers!