Saturday, June 13, 2009

Out and doing well.

Ava did fabulous. She is a real sport. She knows the smell of the Operating Room hall. She knows when Mommy “gowns up” bad things happen. I am so grateful they let me take her back and wait until she is out until I leave. It helps her anxiety and mine.

A few pictures of before surgery. The girls came up and she had a blast with her big sisters. She was up walking around and doing projects with them…..too cute.

Ava getting her blood transfusion. Still very sleepy.



Oh the fun!


Ava and her whole stack of Teletubbies videos. Thanks to all who sent them to her!! Still transfusing. After about 30 minutes of starting the blood she spiked a fever and stopped it. Then docs told us to restart as the felt it was the infection not the blood.



FINALLY surgery time. The whole gang came to send her off. Only I took her back. I’m the one in the attractive “get up”!



Emeline being sad for her sister. I had to explain why I couldn’t stay in the OR with her. If I could I would have……she was very concerned. This picture says it all, huh?


First picture of Ava in recovery. I made them give her Demerol as she was trying to move all over a sign of confusion and pain.



Family picture. We have never all been there with her after surgery. I think it was good for the girls to see. They always handle things by saying we favor her. They saw why we do tonight. She is a very sick little girl that needs our full attention.


Another one of my creative favorites. Sassy soothes.


The reality of things.



Ava back settled in her room. She has Demerol on board and as soon as we were in her room her eyes popped open and she wanted her tooth brush to brush those teeth. What a great sign. They will be keeping a close eye on her….me too. I was impressed she looked so well.


Thankful this is behind us. Pray with us that the healing starts from here. I know a lot of you stay up for updates and I didn’t want to disappoint. I am heading to bed for what I hope will be a restful night. Thanks for stopping by!



Stephanie said...

Glad to hear some good news, and you're right I was waiting up!
Now we can sleep comfortably tonight.
Sleep tight all.
Lots of love!

Megan said...

I have yet to post a comment on this blog, but have been following it for months. I have been praying so hard for your little girl and am SO glad that she is doing so well after surgery. May God be with you and protect this little angel on earth. I hope that you have a good nights rest. Good night and God Bless.

Anonymous said...

glad that she is doing a little better now

prayers are with you

Alison Mommy to seth

My Three Sons said...

Thank goodness she is doing better than expected. I'm so glad to hear how well everything went.

I will continue to pray that this will be the last setback in Ava's recovery.

Jonathan and Sarah said...

GO AVA! So glad everything went well!

Anonymous said...

That picture of Emeline is heartbreaking! I can see how close those sisters are and it's amazing! I know Ava will get well to go home to play with her sisters very soon!

brad.kellie.carter.lucy said...

Glad to read good news on Miss Ava! I can't wait to read that she's eaten an entire PINT of ice cream :)