Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Flood of 2008

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13 Years of Marriage and the MORE Flooding!

Today is our 13 year Wedding anniversary! Wow life just goes by so fast. I remember our wedding day so clearly. It was very hot and humid. The church had NO air conditioning so the service went very fast. I surprised Brian by singing a Firehouse song, "I Live My Life for You." I recorded it before hand so that if I couldn't sing it then you would still be able to hear it. To my surprise I didn't shead one tear. I knew he was my guy. I can't imagine my life without Brian. We met at the down town driving strip for teen-agers. Did I just say the word, "strip?" I haven't used that word in some time. I'm not sure what we will do to celebrate tonight probably nothing fancy! I'm just so glad that I found Brian. He is the love of my life!

I took the girls down town again today to see the flood. Last night another levy broke and the water is very high. It is supposed to crest tomorrow so let's hope we get no more rain and the waters can reseed. They closed the Great River Bridge (for the first time EVER!) so we will have to drive two or more hours out of our way when we leave on Thursday. I told the girls what's another two hours on top of 16 hours? Oh I don't even want to think about the gas prices... I took some more pictures. So here they are...Please keep Iowa in your prayers.

This picture I took looking over the flood. This is about 5 blooks from our house. The water is all the way accross the railroad tracks and into town! See the white building in this picture? The water normally stops before there.

This is the Memorial Auditorium it's basement is filled with water. This is a closer picture of the white building from the top picture.

This is where Steamboat Days usually takes place. Do you see the building in the distance? That is our Port of Burlington. Normally the water is on the right side of this structure.

As you can tell the news media is everywhere downtown! We saw NBC, CBS, and CNN. They were doing an interview when we walked past. The city officials are asking everyone, not go down town, but come on.... We want to see the flood up close! I guess that is why I took them down this morning. There were not many people. In the evening the streets are full.

This picture is of the Great River Bridge that is now closed because of the water that is on the road after you cross the bridge over to Illinois. We are basically stuck here. The only bridges around that are not closed are the St. Louis and the Davenport bridge. (Both extremely far away.) The trees you see they are normally along the riverfront NOT part of the river!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The flooding in Iowa.

Well if you live in Iowa you are well aware that most of the state has flooding issues. We live in Burlington, Ia and the water is rising fast. This flood is bound to be even worse than the flood of '93. I took the girls down last night and the video shows what I captured. The pictures are of our downtown area by the Post office and the banks of the Mighty Mississippi.

Many of the small towns around us have been evacuated. The levies in several places did not hold up this time and our area was hit very bad. For more bad news they are forecasting heavy Thunderstorms tonight. This is the last thing we need. Our home has not been affected but there is a lot of rumors of the city turning off the water and electricity. I pray this doesn't happen.

Please remember to keep Iowa in your daily prayers. Many families have been affected and the waters have not even crested yet, which means we are no where near to the end of this flood season. Lord have mercy!


Friday, June 13, 2008

Steamboat Days!

We all had such a wonderful day at Steamboat Days. Lexis and Emeline love to go on all the rides. Their cousins Anna and Hunter came along as well. Ava was content to just watch all that was in front of her. Imagine that? Brian and I just followed along and made sure they were okay. The weather was beautiful, like in the 70's.

Ava has been learning all her body parts. She points at what you say and then she giggles. She is just growing so much. It is so neat to see her little brain at work! She loves to watch Barney. She dances and sings along.

Next week we will be heading to Philadelphia to go to Ava's follow-up appointment with Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. I am a little nervous about stepping foot in that place again but I do know that it will help me. Please pray that we stay safe. Philly is a whole different world than what we are used to.


Monday, June 9, 2008

The World around me.

Yesterday was so beautiful! I took some pictures outside at Grandma Diercks's house. She always has the most gorgious flowers blooming! The girls love to be outside. The flowers in the hair was Lexis's idea. We are really looking forward to going on vacation in a few weeks. It will be nice to get away.


Thursday, June 5, 2008

School's OUT for the Summer!

Can you believe that school is already out? Were does time go? The girls were so excited about getting out! Now me, on the other hand I am NOT ready. Call me nuts. They have been out now for three days and I already am feeling crazy. Oh well. I just have trouble keeping them in the yard. They want to take off and be gone all day. Mom don't play those games!


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

"Little Angels"

I am so honored to have been able to put this video together. I want to make a "Shout-out" to all the parents that allowed me to add their little ones to this video. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. I love you ALL! Together we can make others aware of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia!

Also to Jerry and Larry Hamblen for allowing me to use their song, "Forever and Ever" in the video. This song has a lot of history with me and my girls. I sang it to my girls and then I sang it to Ava while rocking her in the NICU. They loved it and I do too!

Thanks also to Breath of Hope. You have inspired me to do way more than reach out. You have taught me that I have the power to in my hands to make CDH Awareness possible! That is what it is ALL about.

And to my precious daughter Ava, you are the reason my passion exists. I love you for always and ever!