Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wanting to get on with Life!

So there is talk of us leaving soon. I will let you know of the particulars but hate saying them out loud for fear they will change. Ava was lounging around most of the day. Here is the rundown in pictures.

Breakfast she did fabulous.


Ava loves Cherry Coca-Cola. I know our dietician cringes but Jean she just loves it! That’s my Ava!


As I said “lounging” most of the day. What else is there to do? Is she getting long or is it just me?



Art project with Emily. She colored Monkeys and their bananas.


Ava “talking” to Lexis today.


We had a nice treat when Kristen the music lady came in and entertained her and us! Also Grandma D came to visit us.


AND more smiles singing, “The wheels on the Bus.”


Later this evening she got to talk to Daddy.


Stroller ride with Mommy.



Miss Ava helping Mommy with laundry.


We had an extra special treat tonight. Ava and I walked up to 8th floor. We were greeted by a wonderful volunteer. She asked if Ava had a “Sock Monkey”. I admitted after all her stays we had yet to get one of the University of Iowa’s infamous socket monkeys. SO now Ava has one…..her favorite color is purple so we picked one that had purple. It is so cute! I thanked the older woman and she said that it worked out great that we came up here when she was there. I told her God has a way of working things out for our Ava. I’ll have to admit I like purple on the both of them!


As always thanks for the warm messages and prayers. They light up my day….and this day was hard I’m not going to lie. I cried a few times. It is so tough to be here…..



Kenny and Jennifer Miller said...

Look at those adorable piggy tails!!

My Three Sons said...

I know how hard it must be sitting in the hospital. Keep your stregnth. It looks like your coming down the hill.

Praying that Ava comes home soon,

Angi Grasso said...

Way to go Mom and Ava...you will be home soon! Kepp your chin up and we will keep praying for you:)

familyofpikes said...

It is so nice to see Ava smiling again.