Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Celebrating Jesus

Christmas 2 2852

Hello to all of Ava’s friends and followers out there. I can’t believe that Christmas came and went. A New Year is upon us and it seems I can’t keep up! We had a Blessed Christmas! Ava was pretty excited that Santa left her a Dora Kitchen set! She’s been a very good girl… or so she says!

I’d like to bring up a dilemma we went through recently. One of Ava’s photos (a picture of her very near death in the PICU) was stolen and used by a woman. She was claiming Ava’s picture was her sick son that had died of Cancer. I emailed her and asked her to remove it. I also informed the site where the picture was on. I was so disturbed by this. How in the world could anyone use Ava’s pain and our sorrow for their own bizzare pleasure? I was relieved to learn that the site took the picture down after five hours. Thanks to all my great supporters that helped me get it down. I think there are really disturbed people out there that need a lot of help. Ava’s emotional journey is something I wish we didn’t ever have to go through however I am AWARE of many more families we’ve helped along our way by sharing Ava’s story. It is battles like these that make me a bit sad we have those horrid pictures of Ava for people to steal. I keep telling myself that it all happens for a reason.

So now onto the Christmas pictures and all the Joy we shared!

Ava & Santa 3292

Ava’s Preschool Present to us! I LOVE this so much!

Ava 3392

And all the JOY these three bring…

Christmas Eve 3316

And Ava doing her Santa impression.

Ava 3322

Ava’s preschool brought to my attention that Ava’s hand strength is very weak. She has a very hard time even holding a pencil. We have a few ideas of why this is happening, one could be that she is just slower (since birth and being born with cdh … her normal muscle strength has been slow) and it takes her a bit longer to master fine motor skills. It may be due to her arm scar from the burn. She will be seeing a doctor for this very soon. We figure any help we can get will benefit Ava. We started her in hand therapy and she loves it. Her therapists name is Cindy and she is very nice. We go three times a week and each time Ava gets excited. She is gaining strength. We pray that it will return fully.
Here she is doing one of the tests.

Ava 3243

And her least favorite…

Ava 3244

I was shocked this morning when I weighed Ava.. 36.5 pounds. She gained a WHOLE pound! “Yea! Yea!” is all we kept screaming! We love weight gain of any kind… a pound for her is monumental!

I wish on each and every one of Ava’s fans a Healthy and Blessed 2012. More happy times and great strength to come! Thanks for your love, encouragement and prayers!

I’ll leave you with our Christmas Card Photo. We are Blessed to have these three Miracles in our lives! Each year (after Ava) I sign the cards like this, “Sending Miracles from Our Home to Yours!”

Christmas 2834


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Play… “No Turkey for Purkey!”

Messiah 2955

Hello Everyone! Ava is all over her cold. Wow was that a tough one but we ended up avoiding the hospital! She’s been doing SUPER. She’s back in school and last night was her Preschool Christmas Musical. We were SO proud of her. She got a little nervous before the play. She asked us if we could hold her hand the entire play. We told her that of all she’s been through in her life this wasn’t scary… but fun! She looked so cute walking in with her friends. She was the Pizza in the musical, “No Turkey for Purkey”. She remembered all the things she was supposed to do.


Here she is with her entire class. She is on the far right.


Here is very end…

We promised if she did good we’d take her to McDonald’s. She didn’t forget because after the play she came right over and reminded me it was time to go and get her ‘dinner’. She is such a silly girl. She wasn’t interested in the cookies and punch the preschool had going… she wanted her chicken nuggets!
Here’s the treats I made for the snack after the play. They were Christmas Tree Ball lollipop. SO yummy!

Christmas Tree balls 2947 (2)

Ava was a doll helping me ‘model’ the treats!

Christmas Tree Balls 2951 (2)

I got a few pictures of her after by the gorgeous stain glass windows at Messiah. She just glows as you can see in the pictures. She is growing up!

Messiah 2977

Messiah 2976

She’s been wanting to decorate for Christmas. I’ve been so busy with our little business with the girls “Lexis and Emeline Creations”. So finally today I got out a few decorations. She had forgotten about this Santa. She tells me, “Mom this Santa is BAD!” Only Ava!

Please continue to pray for her health as we go into Winter and the very cold months. She is so excited about Christmas and can hardly wait to visit Santa at the mall. If only we were all kids again! Thanks for dropping by!