Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We're out of PICU!

Well this is a good news for sure. We came down to the Peds Surgery floor this morning at about 11:30 am. There is really no need for Ava to be in intensive care. She is getting better but there are still a ton of questions about her stomach that are left unanswered.

She is feeling a little bit better. I told them I wanted anti nausea medicine. There is no reason she should be retching. I have taken the symptoms of with drawl in my mind and I will be asking the doctor about it tonight. She has done really well about weaning. She didn't seem like the pain bothered her until last night.

Okay here are the pictures of us packing and leaving the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. It was great to be leaving yet I was sad that we had to leave the wonderful doctors and nurses. We will miss you all PICU! How wonderful of a feeling that she is recovering.

Here is all her Teddy bears, balloons and books that were on her PICU shelf. The 3 B's!
Wow how did we get so much stuff?
Ava what are we doing with all your stuff? The next picture is what she is looking at.
AND this is only one cart!
What's going on Mommy?
Here we go!
Well are we here yet?
See me in my New bed, in my New room!
Here is my room Everybody!
I love the bear Joey and Emily got for me. Okay now I can sleep in my new room.

So now we are waiting for the doctors to come and talk to us. Her oxygenation levels have been running between 89-95 all day. Huh she has blow oxygen in front of her but no O2 in her nose. They may want to put her back on Oxygen. We shall see. Thanks for stopping by! Keep the prayers coming!

~The Helmicks


Fer said...

WHAT GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!! WTG Ava!!!!!!!!!!!

kmm0305 said...

Terri--is that her arm with the burn you can see? It seems to be looking pretty good (if that is the arm). Glad you could do a step-down and keep moving in the right direction! :)