Friday, November 14, 2008

Hannah Montana pjs

These are some pics of Ava from today. I am talking to the girls on the phone and I am adding pictures as we talk. Emeline read about 4 books to Ava as I took her on a stroller ride. Everyone was ohhhing and ahhing at us.

Her swallow study showed that she does not aspirate so that is good. She had a pretty good day today. Enjoy the new pictures.



My Three Sons said...

The Hannah PJ's are the coolest. You look so pretty in those.

I'm so glad her swallow test came back well. My two year old does aspirate and we have to put a thickener in every thing. Good news on that. She is looking very good today.

I will continue to pray.

Fer said...

Beautiful pictures!

Anonymous said...

she looks better and better every day. still thinking of you and praying for Ava to get home soon.
Joanne and John Michael