Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pictures of homecoming!

Well as promised here are some of the pictures from yesterday!
Mommy learning to give Ava's medicine through her central line.
Ava ready to go.
Yea we are leaving the floor!
Happy girl as we got in to the Suburban. "We are going home!"
Here is Miss Happy Girl in the chair at home for the first time!
"My sisters!"
Repeat picture of Lexis and Emeline as was taken after she got home from the NICU. Super sweet. Finally all together safe in our home!

So I slept a little better last night but I was still very worried. All her care was up to us. That is scary. She slept on and off until about midnight and then she couldn't settle down so I gave her the Ativan. That drug is fabulous. Then she slept for about 3 hours.

The wonderful thing was that when I woke this morning I saw Lexis looking at Ava in her crib. Tears filled my eyes. "We were home!" Ava had a big smile on her face. I asked her if she liked to be at home and she shook her head YES!

I was very excited to find out that our same home health care nurse is going to be coming back to change Ava's wound vac. Lisa was very good with Ava when we came home from the NICU so I am a LOT relieved. It is so hard and time consuming to give her complete health history to some one new. God knew this was one thing I needed peace about. "Lisa we are happy you will be taking care of Ava."

So I've given her the medicines of the morning. She just fell back to sleep about 20 minutes ago. Brian's Mom was here this morning to take the girls to school. Ava didn't want them to leave but she happily blew them kisses. My Mom is here now helping me get organized and of course doing what she does best, CLEANING!

Oh one more thing, my cousin Mindi made us salads, roast and potatoes for super. "Mindi it was WONDERFUL! Thanks a million for thinking of us. And all your supportive emails they bring me to happy tears every time. Thanks so much.

To you all, keep the prayers coming. In order to keep Ava at home we MUST stay fever free and moving up and not backwards. I feel fine taking care of her as long as things are going good. If not we will be right back. So please pray this is exactly what our daughter needs to get even better! We know she is no where done with this whole process but we are so happy that the doctors trusted us enough to let her come home. We know how rare this is for her to be in our arms in our own nest. Most children have to stay at the hospital. We are thrilled we can take care of her here!

She has an appointment at UNI on Tuesday. The plan is to do another swallow study test. Let's hope she starts taking more by mouth and is attempting to eat!



Angie said...

This brings tears to my eyes! I have followed Miss Ava since all of this started and have prayed everyday for her. She is such a strong little girl and you are amazing parents. The strength you have is something I hope I can have half of!!! WOW!!! Keep loving on her and taking care of her, she knows how much you love her!

My Three Sons said...

What a blessed day you are having. I'm so glad Ava and you got to come home. It is never easy to take care of an ill child but it is so much easier at home. I will pray that mom turns out to be the best nurse and that Ava stays fever/sick free and stays home!

Brad, Kellie, Lucy and Baby Carter said...

Yay!!! So glad she's home. I know you will do a great job taking care of her and keeping her fever-free.

Taryn said...

so happy that you guys are finally home!

Fer said...

I'm so happy for you and I can tell she's enjoying being home. I'll keep her in my prayers.