Saturday, November 1, 2008

Best day so far!

We had a really good day today. Lexis and Emeline got to come visit us. They even made Ava smile and LAUGH! It was so neat to see her sister bond once again. Ava's eyes still look sick but I can see some healing as well. She nods yes and no to the questions we ask. Dr. Kamath came in today and told us how good she looks. He is pleased with her progress. It has been a long haul and we are still not through it but we do see the rainbow.

Now Miss Ava had two race car rides today. The PICU has a special car to get kids out
and excited about leaving their beds. Our wonderful nurse Erin knew exactly what to do to make it a success. The first time we put her in the car she looked at us like, "Are you both nuts, I don't think so..." But the more we moved the more relaxed she got. Then we asked her towards evening if she wanted to go for a car ride again and she nodded YES! So this time the ride lasted a good half and hour. We brought her back to the room and asked her if she was all done riding in the car and she shook her head NO! It was so cute. Erin thanks for making us laugh so hard tonight. You don't know how long it has been since we have really laughed. It felt good. I will never forget running over your ankle with the IV pole caused enough pain for your eyes to cross!!

Ava feels safe in her bed. This is very typical. We have to get her up and moving again. The plan is to get a GI swallow study test on Monday. Then we will get a better picture of what is still going on inside her intestines. We will get an answer if feeding her will be an option. It makes me very tense. I just can't believe we are dealing with all of this. I wake in the morning to beeps and dings and I think to myself. "This is life at the moment. Oh how I miss my bed."

So here are some pictures of our blessed day!

I know sweet heart you are not too thrilled!

"What are you doing to me, Erin?" ~Ava says.

"These are my friends Erin and Kim everyone!"

Emme makes her laugh. What music to our ears.!
There is that smile we have been wanting to capture! I told you it was in there somewhere!

Here is the second car ride! I think she likes it!
Oops one of the lines got run over! Hold tight Ava.

Well we are so proud of all three girls. They are trying to adjust to a very hard life-style. It isn't an easy road but we will get there one day. Thanks for all your prayers. We surely need them ALL! God Bless you all and good night.

~The Helmicks


Anonymous said...

oh Terri, so happy to see that smile too. i especially love the pic where she's laughing with her big sister. i hope the results from the study are positive so she can start the feeding. you guys all need to get home. all our love,
Joanne and John Michael

Kathyb1960 said...

Ohhh it's sooo good to see her smile! Praise the Lord!!!

Gotta get her up and at em so she'll feel better....yeah right! That's what the drs always want, and it's hard to do!

I am keeping her in my prayers!

God bless ya'll!

Elizabeth said...

That smile is worth Trillions of dollars! That laugh is too.

And laughter helps Terri - sometimes all the anxiety, sadness, trama - a good laugh helps it all. A good cry does too but a good laugh makes it all more positive!

I am hoping that swallow study goes well and Ava can be busted out of there soon!

With thoughts, prayers and LUNG FUNCTION chants,