Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Waiting to wait.

Hello Everyone! My Dad and I took Ava to the doctor yesterday. They thought she looked very well. We are adding another reflex medicine to her ever growing medicine list. They are trying to hold off as long as possible for surgery. "IF" all goes well they would like to do it the first of the year. However Miss Ava does things on HER time frame. So it is like this.....she has been throwing up more often but smaller amounts. I get so frustrated by this all. She gets to feeling very nauseas and then really restless. The doctor wants me to cut down on the use of the Ativan. I only use it once a night. I have to get her calm. PLUS I need sleep too. So all in all the appointment went very well. She looked so grown up on the table.

Here is Ava and grandpa.
This is what Ava did when they asked if they could see her belly.

We were up all night last night. She just wouldn't calm. I get so worried. The last thing I want is her back in the hospital. I do know that they can't give her much for an upset stomach. Right now she is on Zophran and they give this to chemotherapy patients, this is the strongest stuff out there. My poor baby just feels miserable and I feel helpless.

Today she seems better. A HUGE thing happened this morning. Lisa came over this morning and by the doctors call we removed the wound vac and place a special dressing on her open belly. I'm not sure she liked this new bandage at the start but once she realized she was no longer hooked to the big fat cord she was once again a very happy girl! Here is her new tummy covering.

Lexis was so excited for her that they got a little crazy jumping on the bed and up came throw up. She was so grossed out by it that she jumped back. Somedays I feel like doing that too! BUT Mom's unfortunately have to be there to wipe the mouths and hold the bucket.

A LARGE shout out thank you to "The Collins Crew" We recieved a very large box yesterday from Teresa, Seanna, Caleb and Elianna. It contained things for ME, (yeah) Ava and Lexis and Emeline. It was the sweetest thing I have ever gotten. To feel so much love and support from strangers is just unbelievably marveleous! I got a beautiful bracelet that said "Expect miracles" and also a beautiful plaque that said, "Miracles Happen The most astonishing thing about miracles is that they happen!" Ava got a beautiful, very, super, soft, vanilla colored blanket. AND three adorable absolutely PEREFECT hats! (Thank you beyond words. Tears filled my eyes. How special my daughter was to cause this kind of pesonal heart felt reaction.)Then she got the most precious fingernail polish and nail art. (So special of a treat for me and Ava.) Lexis and Emeline were thrilled to know there was a package for them as well. They got art and crafts. They were busy all night making things for all their friends. I just can't thank you enough Teresa! It touched me dearly.
Here is Ava's nails when we finished the manicure last night thanks to "The Collins Crew!"

This is Ava opening her gifts. She was so excited!

Now it was Lexis and Emeline's turn for gifts!

Last night I dressed her up for some really girlie shots. I couldn't resist! All her adorable hats just make me want to cry. Thanks you all for sending them.
Teresa the hats fit perfect. Thank the wonderful lady that made them for my Ava. So precious!

Holly thanks again for your adorable hats you sent Ava a few weeks ago. You are such a wonderful friend!

Just one more thing to add. I talked with Ava's surgeon from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia last night. He reassured me that Dr. Shilyanski was doing all he could for Ava and that he was a very skilled surgeon. I was doubting whether we should take her to "the best" again but I am happy with his response. I asked God to give us an answer soon as to what we were to do. I feel better now.

Thanks everyone for all you love and prayers. We can feel them daily. I will leave you with this beautiful picture of my 3 miracles!

~The Helmick's


blairspage said...

LOVE the pictures and that was so sweet of them to send the package to you! :) Ava looks ADORABLE in her outfits! I'm praying that she stops throwing up and feels better!

Big Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving!

Vicki Jensen said...

Happy Thanksgiving to your family. Ava looks like her happy and sweet self in all the pictures. She is so strong. I love her hats. That was really thoughtful.