Sunday, November 2, 2008

Off the Oxygen!

Miss Thing is doing so well. They decided to take her off the Oxygen this morning. She was statting pretty well for the past two days but decided to keep it in because of the humidity in the nasal canula. I was so happy. Believe me she was happier than me! She still has her ng tube in but we plan to get rid of that after her swallow study test tomorrow. Please pray they find no blockage and she can start the process of trying to eat!

We sat her up in bed this morning and she played with her wooden alphabet blocks that I brought from home. She stacked them as high as she could and then would push them all down. She was knocking them on the floor she was hitting them so hard!

Here is a some pictures this morning of her head and her right arm. They are healing well. Her hair is already starting to peek out and it is very blond.

We are looking forward to another car ride later this afternoon!


Owain's mommy said...

Woohoo! Way to go Ava! It is so great to see Ava playing!


Elizabeth said...

Ava is Awesome - in fact she needs her name changed to Awesome Ava - no middle or last name - she will be like Cher - only ...

Amazing Awesome Ava ;-) - Triple A for short!

She is amazing - with thoughts, prayers and Lung Function chants and healing chants too,

Jenn M said...

Oh Terri, she looks SO great! What a little toughie she is, WOWZA! I really am awed by how well she is healing-- beyond remarkable! My heart is SO, SO very happy for y'all.
Continued healing; I'll be thinking of her tomorrow for her swallow study.

Nancy L said...

Ava looks so good! Her scalp and arm look like they are healing very nicely. What a beautiful smile. When she really smiles she just lights up the room doesn't she? I am so in awe of Ava and all of these CDH kids and their families. I pray for continued strength and abundant healing. May God keep you all safe, and healthy and happy and may you always know how much you are loved.