Saturday, November 8, 2008

Letters to our daughters.

To our dearest Lexis and Emeline,

Mommy and Daddy miss you so much. You have been such great girls while Ava has been sick. I know it is hard for you both but know that this will be over soon and we will all be together at home. I don't know why Ava had to get so sick again. We all thought she was healthy. We are so proud of you both for remaining strong and just going about your life like normal. It is not easy to go to school day in and day out and know that your sister is very sick. I wish I could make this all disappear. Please keep saying your prayers to God. He hears you and He wants you to know that He is very sorry your hearts are sad and sometimes broken. If anything happened to both of you your Dad and I won't leave your side as well. We don't want Ava to wake up in the hospital and not see our comforting eyes and hear our soothing words. We just want her to heal and get better.

Just hold onto the fact that it can't be much longer. Daddy will be coming home this week and you will be able to sleep in your own beds. I will not be there but Daddy will take good care of you. He loves you too. Mommy wishes with all my heart that I could come home too but I just can't. I'm sorry you guys are there and we are here.

Lex I know you aren't feeling well today. Honey it will get better. Life will be fun again. Rest your little self and let grandma hold you. Close your eyes and pretend I'm there. I love you so much sweet heart.

Emeline now don't drive grandpa and grandma crazy okay? I miss hearing you talk and talk. I miss your hugs and I miss seeing you everyday. Mommy loves you more than you will ever know. Let grandma give you hugs and know that one of them is from me. We will be all back home soon. I promise.

You two be good and I will talk to you soon. I love you so much. Remember the oceans how wide they are? You can't even see where they end. THAT is how much I love you both! Hugs and lots of kisses.

~Mommy and Daddy

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