Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Well I will make this quick because Ava just went to sleep and I am exhausted. She has been throwing up the last two days. The stopped the liquids by mouth. Actually I stopped them. Although she is very thirsty. She has been having a high heart rate, sneezing, being restless, not wanting to sleep and, very agitated. These to me are all signs of with drawl. I told them that this afternoon. I didn't realize they were weaning both her Ativan and her Methodone both of the same day. It was set up to alternate. I was upset to say the least. You can't rush weaning especially for Ava.

Yesterday she was very active but today she wanted to lay on her sides all day. She did start walking last night with my help. I just supported her arms and she walked very slow but SHE DID IT! I was so shocked and so was our nurse. I prayed yesterday after the physical therapist left that God would make that part easier on her. I know how she likes to move around. THEN to my surprise she loved the tricycle.

Last night she got NO sleep. So you know I didn't either. Then this afternoon they gave her an extra dose of Adivan and she was out for almost 4 hours. Me too! She is resting now so that means I HOPE she will sleep tonight.

Here is a few more pictures. The couch we brough from home. It is her favorite!

This was her EKG today. They do this because she is on Methidone. So far so good.

Please pray it is only the with drawls. If it isn't we could be looking at another bowel obstruction. This would be devastating.

Lexis is feeling much better!

Her swallow study they did not do because she isn't able to keep anything down. We will do it as soon as she can tolerate it! Thanks again and keep praying. I am off now to go to sleep.



My Three Sons said...

Sleep tight both of you and while you sleep, I will pray that she isn't battling anything more than withdrawls.

Liz and Shane Nelson said...

We are praying that both of you get plenty of rest and have sweet dreams. We are praying that Ava doesn't have any withdrawls.
liz and shane

Fer said...

Keeping you in my prayers.

Vicki Jensen said...

Withdrawl is aweful. I hope they pace it better!