Saturday, November 15, 2008

6 weeks

Well today is our 6 week mark. She has been here that long. It feels a lot more like 6 months. Ava was in a better mood today. I think she is just frustrated about being here. She is used to going where she wants.

She stood by herself for the first time today. She is acting like a toddler cruising and hanging tightly to things as she is on her feet. I am so proud of her.

Brian brought the girls up tonight. I was great to hold them. I had not seen them in over two weeks. They can always get Ava to laugh. It is so precious.

The eating is not going so well. She has thrown everything up that has been given to her. My poor baby. It is just going to take time. I feel badly giving her food when I know it is going to come right back up. She is such a sweat heart that she just eats it every time. I am going super slow and it is still coming up. She may end up not being able to eat until after her surgery. The liquid is still coming back up as well but some is finding it's way through. My calculations are that about 50% is staying down and 50% is coming back up. She did go 6 hours today before throwing up so she is improving. I'm a journalist. I write down everything in my note book. That way when the doctors and nurses ask I say here is what came up and what went down. I record temp and stools!

Here is a video of our evening.



Fer said...

Oh Terri, what a beautiful family you have! I'm so glad Ava enjoyed her time with her sisters, I can tell from the video that they love eachother so much!

I'm sorry Ava is still thorwing up. One step at the time, she's gone through so much and she's acomplished so much in these six weeks.

Many prayers for you all.
CHERUBS Mexican Rep.

Elizabeth said...

Terri it is good to see you all together - I so hope that Ava will come home soon. She has made remarkable progress.

Remember that anything dealing with the stomach and intestins - well it can take a long while for recovery.

Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers,