Saturday, November 22, 2008

Daddy got it!

Ava thought she was pretty funny today when she threw up all over Brian. He was trying to bring her upstairs to me. I had told him that she had her sick eyes on and so he needed to carry a bucket. Guess what? He didn't listen to Mommy. She showered him very heavy with a very dark green bile puke mess. It was at least 150-200 ml's! Good news is he avoided our white carpet so all was okay. Poor girl. I feel so bad for her when she feels nauseated. There is nothing worse than a sour tummy. I didn't get much sleep last night because my eyes were glued to her heart rate. It stayed in the 140-160 all night even deep in sleep. Finally at 12:00 I gave her a dose of Ativan. She gets really restless. I know she hates the cords. We have a pulsox, nutrients, wound vac, and last night I added her respiratory belt. She moves and they all get twisted together. I checked her temperature and it was fine. I just feel all her care rests on my hands. So she threw up a total of 2 times today. She ate a little this morning but nothing again. She drinks quite a bit of water. We are just getting her Tylenol suppositories from Wednesday. I called all the pharmacies and they were all out. They had to order them so tonight may be better. I don't really feel like she has pain, although Ava handles pain very well. I went through her pictures tonight and wow has she been through an ordeal. How can one little girl go through so much? To look back I ask myself how in the world did we get through all of that? The answer with the help of God and all of our supporters. Thanks for your prayers. Here are some pictures of today. (I am so sad I didn't take a picture of Daddy being puked on! Next time....) Three pretty girls! "Ava get Daddy!" "Say cheese Ava." Ava is playing bowling with her sisters. This is my supply cart. Can you believe all this for one little girl? Looks like the PICU carts, huh? Here is a short video of their bowling game. ~Terri


My Three Sons said...

What a great mommy you are. You sure have your hands full but I'm sure it feels so much better being home. Did Ava's heart rate go down today?

Praying she stays right where she needs to be.

The Oliveri's said...

We know the supply cart very well. Emerson has had all that since she came home in May. My dining room is where all this stuff is too. Before you know it this will pass and again you will look back and wonder how you did all this. You are a wonderful mother! Those girls are lucky to have you!

Nancy L said...

HOME,how wonderful!This has been such a long and difficult journey for all of you. Ava sure looks happier at home and I bet she rests better and heals faster now. You are undoubtedly right that she was getting depressed in the hospital. And how reassuring for Lexis and Emeline to be able to come home and see Ava every day. And for you to get to kiss them goodnight every night.

You've watched the nurses at the hospital for so long, you can handle the daily stuff with a little support from your home health nurse. From the looks of things, you and your husband have handled a lot of big challenges with great faith and love.

Praying that Ava continues to improve, the vomitng stops and you all get some well deserved rest.