Monday, November 10, 2008

UP All night long.

She is such a ham!

Ava has been quite the handful. Daddy left last night to go home. He started back to work today. I talked to him this morning and he was having a very hard time concentrating on his job. I missed him last night that is for sure! Ava went to sleep about 10pm. She woke at 11:30 and stayed up until 4"30 this morning. I am so tired. The good thing about her staying up was she was in a great mood. She laughed and played. We took a stroller ride at 2am and that still didn't seem to do the trick. Oh well who needs sleep. She slept at 4:30 and woke back up at 6:30. She has been up this whole time. She is now laying still in her bed so I'm thinking maybe now she will nap!

They are going to do a really simple swallow study test on her sometime this afternoon. I believe when she drinks she aspirates. Meaning some of the fluid is getting into her lungs. I suspected this when we first started letting her have fluids. She gulps and then a couple seconds later she sounds really junky in her lungs. Yesterday she started throwing up again. It was about 3=4 mouth fulls of mucus. It is clear so that is good. Hopefully my suspicions are wrong.

She had another bowel movement yesterday, which is a great sign. So we again are forced to wait it out and see what Ava wants to tell us.

She has really been active lately. She pulls her upper body to a sitting position. It is so neat to see. She still is unable to walk. Her legs shake a lot. The physical therapist was working with her today and she said she will have to relearn how to walk all over again. That nearly made me cry. I knew this but it hurts to hear someone else actually speak the words out loud. If we work with her she will get it. She has already improved so much in the last week.

I did just have to give her the Oxygen blow by for her nap right now. Her O2 was staying at 92. We did stop this procedure a few nights ago because she was staying higher. I just wonder if us getting her up and her being so active that she is stirring the junk in her lungs up and it is finally coming out. Whatever the case her stats are at 97 now. I'm glad she is resting.

Here are a few pictures of her last night and this morning.
"Why is this light on my toe?"
"I did arts and crafts today again with Emily. I painted leaves. Mommy said I did good!"
"I brush my own teeth."
"Mommy you are silly!"
"Oh NO Mom wrong Movie!"
"See what I keep myself intertained with."

Here is a video I threw together of her just now.

Brian tells me to sleep when she does so I'm off to do just that! Thanks for all your love, support and many prayers. By the way Lexis has strep throat. Poor baby. I hope she gets better soon!



mummy to angel SKYLA said...

Oh what a cheeky little girl. But she looks fantastic. Way to go Ava. Those photos are adorable. Keep it up Ava. But Try let mummy have some rest and i hope Lexi gets better soon. Take care and thinking of you all.

Kristy, mummy to Angel SKYLA

Vicki Jensen said...

I love to see that BEAUTIFUL smile on Ava. Get some rest to you both though!!


Gina said...

It is so good to see Ava smile!!
We are always thinking about her.

Wyatt's Mom

My Three Sons said...

She looks so good today! I hope that she doesn't aspirate when she drinks either. My son is two and he does. It is a small hassel to have to mix all of his drinks with a thickener. But it also helps him with all of his asthma issues.

Take care and your hubby is right, you need to sleep with Ava does so you can keep your energy up.