Thursday, November 6, 2008

Notice Anything?

"Well do you notice anything different about me? They took out my NG tube today. I feel a lot better now. So far I haven't thrown up. Mom says that's a great start! This is what I look like right this second. Mommy thought you all could sleep better knowing I was resting well. Okay now I'll let my Mommy tell you about my day!"

Well today I had some wonderful emails, cards and packages that really lifted my spirits. I sat here thinking to myself, "How can I be so down when there are so many people thinking about us and praying so hard for her little body to heal?" I got a wonderful email from a prayer warrior for C.O.L.E. ( I also got a nice uplifting card from Vicki, a Mom that also had a cdh son. Then we got a package from Amber and Sienna. This is a Mom and daughter whom we have never met but she came accross our carepage and sent us two packages in the mail. VIDEOS for Ava! Plus all your supportive emails I get daily. It seems there is always at least 20 messages per post. How great is God? He knew I needed extra love. So thank you for all of you that listened to your hearts and sent a little something my way today. I know that it could always be worse. I can thank God that Ava is still with us. I got a few pictures developed today and my how terribly close Ava came to death. I just marvel at God's healing hands. Her fate could have been much different.

So I am in a better mood. We took her for a stroller ride (our stroller from home) and she once again Loved It! I think she was a little more comfortable in the stroller than in the car. I of course was too because of the germ factor. I think germs see me coming and they start crawling up!

This is the first time Ava sat with us on the couch. It felt really good. Now the next set of pictures is what Ava sees on the ceiling here. These are wonderful decorations and very cheery. Aren't they adorable?

Please say a prayer for little Ava tonight and our family. We appreciate you taking the time out of your busy life to think about us!


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