Monday, November 3, 2008

GI test

Well here is us going down to the test. Miss Ava rode in style.

So here is the latest thing. The GI test did not work because her stomach has not been used in over a month. She threw it right back up within about 5 minutes of putting it down there. Then they did the second attempt but that didn't work either. She kept it down long enough to find that her stomach is emptying, very unusually slow. So we stopped the test, due to fear of her aspirating. She is such a good little girl. She did so well this morning so I felt horrible that she had to throw up. So now I'm not sure what is next. The surgeons have to decide what to do.

I am very frustrated but I am very happy that she is at least acting herself. Praise God that nothing worse is happening. There was a family here that lost their son this morning. I just can't even begin to imagine their loss.

Thanks for your prayers. Someday we will go home....someday.....We just have to know more about what is going on in that body of hers.


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Fer said...

I'm so sorry you couldn't complete the test and that she threw up, I'll keep her in my prayers.