Friday, November 7, 2008

Clear liquids!

Well Ava is still a little grouchy today. She is very frustrated. Last night she rolled completely over and got into an upright kneeling position. It scared me so much. I asked her what she was doing. I think it surprised her as well. She slept well although there was a few times she woke briefly but then decided there really wasn't much to stay awake for at all.

So the surgeon's plans for today is to start her on clear liquids, so we are pretty excited. She just fell back to sleep. We will try something when she wakes. He seems certain that she doesn't have a hole in her bowels. It somehow sealed up. But he does seem to question yet another bowel obstruction from it healing on its own. I asked if there was a test to confirm it before we start feeding her but he thinks since the wound vac isn't suctioning out very much that she doesn't have a leak. I'm skepical. I will most likely insist on a test before we feed. I keep stressing to them that "I" knew she had reherniated (They told us they were almost certain that she had not.) and they didn't believe me. It was true through. So this weekend we will work on the liquids. Let's pray really hard that her little tummy starts doing it's job and things get through. I want this process to be done right. There is no sense in taking a giant step backwards. We just can't afford it at this time.

Here are a few pictures of her doing her arts and crafts project with Emily the Child Life specialist. She was exactly what Ava and I needed this morning. She is such a nice lady!

Here is to a good day everyone! The weather is cold today. They are talking about snow. Buuurrr! I am NOT ready for winter.

Oh yes I did have an amazing Ava supporter mention that if anyone wanted they could send us gift cards for restaurants or Walmart. If we want to eat out we get it to go. Then only one of us leaves. I try and stock up a week at a time at Walmart, for small snacks for here. It is just a suggestion. Please feel in no way anyone has to send anything. We are just thrilled to get your wonderful supportive emails. They help us so much. As I've said before at the end of our day I will read them out loud to Brian and Ava. NOw for myself I have to read each and every one throughout the day as soon as they pop up. You guys are all amazing!

Here is the address again here. 3JCW Rm #62 200 Hawkins Drive Iowa City, Iowa 52242.

Also I wanted to put this up again for Ava's birth defect awareness. I put this together a few months back and ask that you watch it again. I along with my sister Tamra wrote the song played in the video. The name of it is "Little Angels." Ava and all these kidoes are just that. Some are here on this earth with us. We call them Earthly angels. The ones that God couldn't let go of are called our Heavenly angels. It is just amazing what these babies go through in just a short time. So today I want to honor our little ones that were ffected with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. We love you all so much. Love and hugs to all the parents of these amazing children!



Liz and Shane Nelson said...

Ava is looking better each day!

blairspage said...

WOW... that video really moved me! What a wonderful thing to have done! You are awesome! I keep praying that Ava gets stronger and stronger. Big Prayers that she does well with the clear fluids!

Hugs - Tiffany
Mom to Blair - Giant O

Liz and Shane Nelson said...

You are a great mother and I respect the fact you have always asked questions and questioned everything before the hospital does it. You have taught Liz and I so much about this process, and based on your insight, we have questioned things a lot more than we probably would have. We pray that there are no more steps backward, and God blesses you with big steps forward, from clear liquids, to food, to back on your couch at you house!

All our love and prayers, Liz and Shane

Grandma Reed said...

What a beautiful tribute to these little angels!
I am so happy Ava is geting better. I pray the light is back in her eyes soon and that smile comes a little easier.
I pray for strength and understanding from your girls at home. What a terrible pull on your heartstrings to have one sick at home. God give you and your family strength.
Angel Elli's Grandma Reed