Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Still coping with the tube.

Here is my little fighter. Mommy has the fighting bull dog on just for Ava. We know it takes time but she is strong to pull through yet one more cdh battle.

Ava finally turns to her left side. Good thing because her lungs are starting to build up fluid on that one side.

See how precious she is. She is looking really comfy! Way to just rest and let your body heal Miss Ava.

Ava lounging and getting her resting. We are so proud of you Ava, honey!

Daddy consoling his little angel. It is all going to be over before you know it our tiny precious!

She is fighting so hard and she is our inspiration. We are so proud of her. You can tell she doesn't like any of this but she is managing. I told her this morning that in a very short time this would all be a distant memory.

They just lowered her Morphine and Versed. This is what I have been wanting them to do this morning. In order to get off the vent she can't be on such strong meds. She so far is tolerating it well. The respitory therapist comes in and does treatments on her lungs while on the vent. Her heart rate is now in the 160's and she is stating 97. She actually grabbed my finger as they were suctioning her a few minutes ago. My heart just skipped a beat. She will be waking up a and I am so ready to see her big beautiful eyes.

The surgeon told me today that they want to start feeding her about 4 hours after being exubated. PLEASE pray this will happen tonight. We are finally headed the right direction! I am so happy. Lexis and Emeline will bevisiting us tonight. I'm not 100% sure if we are letting them see Ava or not. It is such a hard decesion to make. I am looking forward to hugging them so tight. I have missed them so much. It seems like weeks instead of days.

Thanks again for your wonderful love and support! God is so good. He heals the broken. I was singing to her this morning and it felt so good to know that life is what we make it. Stop each second and thank God for what you have at this exact moment!



mummy to angel SKYLA said...

Hang in there beautiful girl. You will have that horrible tube out in no time, then you can have all the cuddles in the world with mummy and daddy. I bet they cant wait. Your an amazing little girl. You are so strong and so brave. Keep it up sweetie.

Kristy, mum to angel SKYLA LCDH

Liz and Shane Nelson said...

We are praying for you Ava. You are a fighter! We are thinking of you.
Liz and Shane

owensmommy said...

I have come across your website from Angel Elli's. Your little girl is such a precious gift from god. For some unknown reason, Ava, along with her family has been put through this horrible fight of CDH. It is so amazing to see what a fighter you have and I pray she continues to fight. Your family and your daughter is such an inspiration to the rest of us. I pray that she is able to overcome this obstacle that has been placed before her. Your love and strength for your daughter shows what being a parent is all about. I pray for all of you.

Aep said...

(I just saw all of this, been away this past week), and I am so sorry you are having to go through this. I am praying for sweet Ava and her recovery and for God to continue to give you the strength you have always demonstrated.
Lots of hugs,
Ana and Marco

Kenny and Jennifer Miller said...

Way to go Ava, you are turning the corner sweet little girl! I'm continuing to pray for you.

Jen Miller

Vicki Jensen said...

We're praying very hard for you Ava. I hope you kick the vent to the curb tonight and then you can start to eat again. You are such an amazing little angel. Keep up the good fight and show 'em who's boss!