Sunday, October 26, 2008

Praying for farts!

Well so the latest is that this is all gas. We hope that it is nothing more. The good things are that she has no fever and her numbers look fine. She is sleeping right now and her heart rate is 118. I don't think I've ever prayed for farts but Hey Ava is unique in every way possible. I thought you might enjoy seeing what we did this morning. Ava loves to put on her lip therapy treatment. A girl must stay pretty even when one doesn't feel the part.
This next one is called "Mommy physical therapy." She loves all her balloons.

She doesn't seem too uncomfortable at the moment. I just worry that this may be something worse. I have my doubts but I'm praying it is only gas.

"Okay Ava you want to hear too?"
Ava putting on her lip balm. Funny thing is more goes on her tongue than her lips! She was wide awake this morning and we read books, put together her wooden puzzle and we sang songs. Oh yes and we watched Elmo!

Please continue to pray.

Quick update on baby Nayeli. She is doing well. She had her repair surgery and so far so good. This CDH is such a critical thing. The road we parents travel is truly a living nightmare. I pray that things settle down. Liz and Shane you guys keep up the good work. We are here for you!

~Terri and Brian


Fer said...

Oh that sweet little thing of yours! My prayers are with her!
Mexican Cherubs Rep.

Elizabeth said...

She seems like she is progressing - I hope it is just gas too!

With thoughts, prayers, lung function and now peut chants,

Whitehead Family: East Coast Addition said...

Hi! I know you don't know me but I wanted to let you know my heart pours out to you! Your strength is inspiring. Your beautiful little girl and your family are in our prayers, heart and mind. Good luck!

ps.. she is still so beautiful without her hair.