Thursday, October 23, 2008

MY baby is awake!

You guys just have to see this....Ava was not a happy baby most of the day today. They weaned her Dex and she likes that Medicine. I only let them wean that one and it was not a positive thing. So Miss Ava was thrashing around for about 4 hours. She was not comfortable with the tube in. She was awake. They tried to give her more Versed but she wasn't about to go to sleep. My Mom and I played with her to get her mind off of her tube but she wasn't buying it one bit! Finally I decided to get her sister's pictures down and let her hold them. She was really looking them over. She knew that was Lex and Em. It was priceless! Then I got Whitney's card down. (Thank you Whitney!) It is a singing/music card. It plays Old McDonald. She kept opening and closing it. FINALLY we were seeing our daughter. She even smiled but I didn't capture it on film.

Brian snuck out and visited with the girls. They miss us terribly. They miss little things like sleeping in their beds. I just hope this gets over soon.

I am so glad Ava has found a more happy. They gave her back her Dex and sge is much more content. That was a night and day difference. They also did trial runs off the ventilator tonight and she did perfect. She wants to run the show. The doctors will decide tomorrow if it wil be okay to take her off the vent. Surgery wanted her off tomorrow and the docs here in PIU thought possibly Saturday. I guess Miss Ava will make that call. She looks so much better. Although when she starts feeling sick you can see it in her eyes. They become sad and dark.

Brian is back now and he is sleeping. I might have to take part of the night shift since he got NO sleep today. Poor guy.

Enjoy the video!



Owain's mommy said...

Oh Terri! That video is priceless! What a wonderful moment with Ava. Sounds like Ava is headed in the right direction. I will continue to pray for her. She is one amazing little girl!


P.S Ava can totally pull off being bald. Not many people could pull that off but Ava has a cute little round head.

Gina said...

My entire family keeps up with Ava everyday and we are all praying for her. She is such a precious little girl. I am so happy to read this post and that she is awake and playful. She is truly amazing. Ava looks beautiful.

Wyatt's Mom

Anonymous said...

Ava is such a fighter. She has overcome so much. I am amazed at her strength and will. What an inspiration.
Good job sweet Ava.

Terri, thank you for sharing Ava's journey with us. I pray for God to comfort all of you during these testing and trying times.