Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Slow and Very Steady.

Hello All! I woke last night several times paranoid that she had swollen even more than yesterday. It is so strange how your mind plays these cruel tricks on you. I would look down at my hands and and see that they were huge and swollen as well. It goes to show you that my brain has a very hard time getting rested. So finally at 3am I woke totally up and walked over to her bed. To my surprise her swelling had gone down somewhat. She is still bigger, much bigger than normally but at least it was much better. I did take a little medicine so that I could get the real rest and it worked.

So overnight they took her off one of her blood pressure medicines and lowered her Dopemine. YEAH! Her peeing has been phenominal. This means her bladder and kidneys are really working great.

Her lungs have definatly taken a hit since the last surgery. The right lung is still collapsed on the bottom. The left one is inflated but pretty full of fluid.

She looks very comfortable. I haven't seen her move since Monday night. It really helps me to know that her pain is being controlled so well. Her heart rate has been between 120-150, with them mostly staying lower.

I just told Brian to go to bed. I can't do the night time. I am so happy that her body is really resting well and I feel that she is finally starting to heal. Last night Dr. Volk said that she hoped we would see a vast improvement so we will know that their are not anymore more additional problems in her belly. I can even tell that her belly is smaller!

So please I know you all are already, but say some positive, happy thoughts in your head today for Ava. I am so happy to just have one day of steady. I don't even care that she didn't get "better" she just stayed steady. I'll take whatever progress she gives us. As I have told the doctors and nurses all along. Ava marches to a very different beat. She does what Miss Princess Ava wants to do when she is ready. We just have to listen to her.

Back when she was a newborn and we were waiting for her surgery, which took 14 days. We felt as though she was telling Brian and I, "come on you guys I can't stay like this forever with all my organs up. I'm holding on but when is this going to be fixed?" Once she has surgery she seemed t say, "It is about time, people!" I'm feeling her saying the same exact thing this time. I just can't believe she has the same fighting spirit, same fighting coping skills.

"Dear Heavenly Father I come to you today, thanking you for being here for our family. Thank you for leading Ava in the right direction. Your goodness and love is evident on her little precious swollen face. It is so hard to wait patiently but in your word we know that you are the creator and that you can heal the sick. Lord she needs you to continue to touch her and make her better. Please help Lexis and Emeline feel our love from the distance that separates us. We know from the first time our family had to be separated that the girls took a huge emotional hit. Their little hearts hurt for their baby sister too. I ask that you calm their spirits and help them to deal with this in the best way possible. I also ask that you help Ava's swelling go down so that they can come and see her on Saturday. I don't want them to have to see her so abnormal Lord. I am amazed at the strength that you have sent to me. I'm feeling so much calmness that I only attribute it to your love to me. I love you and thank you once again for dying on the cross and and helping me see that you and only you are my personal friend and Savior. In Jesus name I pray, Amen."

THANK YOU everyone for your supportive emails. I wish I could email you all personally but that is just not possible. When this is all over I will. I am humbled by God's awesome power and love.



proudmom said...

stay strong and get some rest.
Prayers for you healthy recovery and for the strength to get you and your sissy's through this. Also, prayers for peace for your mom and dad.

God Bless all the CDH babies.

kmm0305 said...

Terri--I know you are a strong, faith-filled mom who draws her strength from many places. Your faith is shining through and I know that many prayers are being sent up for your whole family. We pray that Ava's body recovers, even though it may be on her time. ;)


Walker Family said...

I know how hard these days can be, but she is strong. I learned pretty quick, no setbacks meant a good day. We say prayers for Ava and your family, and send good thoughts your way every day.
Katherine, Dave and Benjamin

Darcy said...

I am sending Ava and your family positive prayers!
John 9:1-3 "...said Jesus, 'but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life."

Liz and Shane Nelson said...

We are praying for Ava to have a successful surgery in the am and she continues to heal. We are thinking of you.