Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ava's beautiful head.

MIss Ava's beautiful head. Isn't she precious? My baby is such a fighter.

Hello Everyone. Well today has been another steady day. The burn team came and removed her bandages from her arm and her head. I was shocked to find that they had placed staples in her head to keep the dressing in place. So the process of removing them was terribly hard to watch. I made them give her extra pain medicine but she still cried during it. Her arm looks very gross but the doctors said that it looks fantastic. I told them their "fantastic" word was way different then mine. I surprised myself by not losing it when I saw her shaved head. She has the cutest, little, perectly round head!

The plans for tomorrow is to replace her sponge on her stomach drain and to remove one of the drains coming out of her side. The tube size is about the width of my pinky finger. Oh my how that has to be uncomfortable.

Her xrays of this morning look a little bit better than yesterday. It is great that we know that Miss Ava and the good Lord is healing them without operative measures.

They took out an IV in her neck yesterday and then this morning we found that the tape had rubbed and had caused a nickel size blister. Can Ava ever catch a break? OH why do we continually have problems. Can't the nurses look over ever inch of her body? I made them roll her over to look at ever tiny crevice of her body. Her back is very dry. It is peeling so we gave her a royal lotion treatment this morning. It is called Mommy love.

Here is what she still has...breathing tube, her chest tube, a hicman, (they placed this central line during her last surgery) Picc line, artline, (which they are removing today) catheter, (which is also being removed this afternoon) stomach dressing for the opening which consists of the mesh patch and over that is the sponge with the two drains hooked to the vac for suction. Huh, and now I can take a break!

We still have not told the girls about Ava's hair. I just can't bring myself to explain it. I don't know how they will react. I know it wil grow back but it is just something that will take some adjustments.

Thanks again for your wonderful supportive emails. They make our day!

Oh yes I forgot to mention Nayeli was born yesterday. We are waiting to hear an word about her from Liz and Shane. She did let out a cry so that is a great sign! Please continue to pray for her and her battle with CDH.



Anonymous said...

the new picture looks like her baby picture. she is a precious and beautiful little lady. I am amazed by her strength, and yours too Terri. I keep you all in my prayers.

Ava, you keep chuggin' along little one. You are a brave young lady.

Darcy said...

Praying for you and Miss Ava. Her picture is beautiful. I know it must be so hard to see her with her hair gone, especially because it is such a visual of a problem that should never have happened with her.
Praying for continued steadiness for Ava and peace for you.

Anonymous said...

I just read an update on "The Parker Reese Foundation" website about your sweet little Ava! What a fighter! I am also a mother to my CDH daughter who is almost two years old. My heart goes out to Ava, and your family! It always amazes me how supportive the CDH community is, and how much love we all feel for all our CDH kiddos..even though none of us have ever met! I will be praying for her recovery, and for God to continue to give you and your family the strength and energy you need right now to be by your precious daughter's bedside.

She is just precious with and without her hair!

Amanda Turner
San Antonio,TX