Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ava's in Surgery right now.

Ava all tucked in ready for today's surgery.
Mommy reassures Ava that everything is going to be alright.
Ava's nurse Amanda is helping the anestegeologist get Ava ready for surgery this morning.
Daddy's always watching Ava!
Mommy made a special name sign for Ava's bed.
The chore of getting Miss Ava all packed up takes about a good hour.
The stress just taking her down to the Operating Room.
"Stay strong Ava Mommy and Daddy will see you in a little while. We love you sweetheart!"

So they told us yesterday that Ava's surgery was scheduled for Tuesday afternoon. I asked them if they could move it up because she is really getting uncomfortable on the ventilator. they have weaned some of her pain and sedation and she was up almost all day yesterday and last night. Poor baby. So this morning they came in and told us that they were taking her first thing this morning. Wow God answers prayers! I just hate having her wait. She is so ready.

So here we sit waiting again. They will be placing a more permanent patch on with a vacuum suction along with a more central IV up by her collar bone. The burn surgeon is going to do Ava; skin graph while she is down in the OR. Take care of two things at once. I am a nervous wreck. When will this get any easier? Pray we don't lose our minds in the whole process.
I did get to go home for a couple of hours last night and see Lexis and Emeline. They were very surprised. Oh how it was wonderful to hug and kiss them. Emeline has a really bad cough so grandma is going to take her to the doctor hopefully today.

Pray for Ava's surgeon to have the wisdom he needs to help Ava and not have to go back in there for a few more months. She needs to get better. They tell us once she is better she will possibly be able to come home until her next surgery. However it will be some time before she is any where near better. She is still a very, very, very, sick little girl.

Thanks for you prayers.

~The Helmicks


Kenny and Jennifer Miller said...

So glad to hear the surgery was moved up so Ava can get rid of that vent quicker! I'm praying for you guys today.


Nimkee's Mum said...

Praying, praying, praying!
I love the daisies you have on her name sign :O)
M xxoo