Saturday, October 11, 2008

A connection- Finally

Emeline sitting by Ava's bed.
Thanks Liz and Shane for these gorgeous flowers!
Ava all snuggled in grandma Diercks's home made blankets.

Ava finally connected with me today. She had a great night and a great day. The girls came to visit and she loved it. I asked her if she would scrunch her eyes for Mommy. She did it. I was so shocked. We played this game on and off all day long. She knows! it was as though she was trying to tell me it was okay that we put her back on the ventilator. It was so neat. She doesn't open her eyes much right now but she definately knows what you are saying. Emeline read her a few books tonight and she loved it. It was a really good things for the girls to come. Now on the other hand as Lexis left she got really emotional. She said it was because she didn't feel good but I knew better. We pulled her aside and told her how much we loved her and that we were sorry that we couldn't all be home right now. The important thing is that Ava gets rest and that her body heals. Lexis and Emeline are such special girls. (Holly they LOVED the brownie's you sent!)

All went well today, quite uneventful. The girls made her get well posters for the big picu sliding doors. It was so good to see them and hug them again. So we were watching and her and she was very restless and unsettled. The ng tube that pumps the stomach acid out had bright red blood coming from it. I was very alarmed and got the nurse. They think her stomach lining is irritated so they started her on acid reducer meds and also upped her pain medicines. She is doing well now.

On a side note the doctors have asked that we limit her visitors. She is very fragile right now and they want to avoid any other interuptions in her care. I am always concerned about her catching something right now. I just went through a whole bucket of their antibacterial wipes. I just want her better. If you are thinking of coming up to visit please call first because right now we think it is best for Ava to be in isolation. We love cared and we love your support in emails.

Once again thanks for checking up on Ava. She is resting and hopefully they will start to wean her vent settings tomorrow. The only change on the vent today was that they lowered her O2 down to 40%.

As of 11:30 her heart rate is 134! I have never seen it this low since she has gotten sick!



Liz and Shane Nelson said...

We are so happy to hear you had a connection with Ava. Scrunching her eyes for you is a big improvement. We are glad to hear her heart rate went has gone down. We are thinking of you and praying for Ava.

Kenny and Jennifer Miller said...

What a big step for you guys today, I'm so happy you connected with Ava and she seems peaceful and able to heal. Continued prayers for her recovery!

Jen Miller

Sodasi said...

She looks so much better! I'm glad they let the girls in with them.

My Three Sons said...

I left a comment on Caringbridge but I just wanted to say a prayer on this end as well.

Please take care and thank you again for taking the time to update us.

Elizabeth said...

She does look better - and continued thoughts, prayers and LUNG FUNCTION and Pee chants,

Jules said...

God Bless you and your family

Aep said...

We are still thinking and praying for all of you and especially sweet Ava.
I am glad you had a better day :)
Pena Family
Marco sends get well hugs!!