Saturday, October 25, 2008

Minnie Mouse? No it's Ava!

Miss Ava dressed up a bit today. She is doing well. She stayed awake most of the night with her Daddy. This morning she was sleeping but now she just peeks her eyes open ever so often. I have the blinds open to let in all the gorgeous sunlight in. What a beautiful day!

Here Ava is lounging out this morning. Grandma made more wonderful blankets for Ava to sleep on. She is one lucky gal!

So as of now we are not sure when she will be extubated. They are wanting her to be a little down on her Narcotics first. We are fine with waiting as long as Ava is not uncomfortable. Yesterday we finally ended the Friday bad streaks. She didn't have any problems. She road the cdh monster like a kitty cat!

Here is Ava's new skin. It is healing nicely.
Grandma and Grandpa visiting Ava last night. She cried when I told her they were going to leave. It broke their hearts. Her sore on her head is where they took the skin from there and put it on her arm. Please pray everything heals as it is supposed to. We don't want anymore problems with this burnt arm issue.

So we wait again to see when Ava is ready to be off the ventilator. The girls will probably not be coming up this weekend. They are going to a Halloween party today. Then they will stay with my Mom and Dad tonight. I miss them so much. We still have not told them about Ava's head. In time.

Thanks for your support.

~The Helmicks

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Elizabeth said...

She is beautiful! And doing so well - a testimony of her family and their dedication. (And yes, of God too.)

You can tell Grandma was a little upset Ava is in the hospital - I think Ava would like EVERYONE there for her! I will be so happy when she is home but know you all will be estatic!

With thoughts, prayers and LUNG FUNCTION chants,