Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lots of great things!

Hello everyone. Ava had another great night. Her little body is working in over drive to heal itself quickly. I am just amazed at her progress.

So I am just going to throw some information out here, I'm sure you all want to know.

She hung in out 88-92 O2 wise from about 5am - 8:30am. I was wondering what was up.

Since 9am she has been holding steady on her stats. She runs 98-100. She's on 1 liter of oxygen at 40%. They are going to lower this and try to get her off the O2 all together today.

Her stomach measured a little bigger today. Yesterday it was 48.5cm's and now today it is back to 51cm's. We are watching that closely.

Her NG tube got somehow, turned to the off position during the night so the mickey started draining and picking up more. I caught that this morning at it is now fixed.

She needs to cough but I'm sure it hurts, even with the epideral, but she has been doing it when it is very necessary. She also spit out a large mucus plug this morning which made me feel a lot better about her stats.

Her heartrate has been lower than normal. They are telling me it is due to the epideral.

She is on TPN, Epideral, Protonix, Famotidine, Banomyocin, Zocen, and Nystain. They stopped her Lasix yesterday. Her swelling is down and she is still peeing great.

Her temperature has been normal. Her bladder pressures are good as well. Last one was 10 so they have discontinued the checks unless we see that her belly is extended.

Her incision is healing well. The redness and bruising is going away.

Her respitory rate has been 25-32 breaths per minute. Her heart rate between 98-138. Her blood pressure has also been good. Her last one was 100/41.

She is much more alert today. Last night after I got done writing the update I was shocked to go back to her room and see her beautiful blue eyes. She wakes in periods of usually 15 minites- 30 minutes. Then she watches her shows and drifts back to sleep.

She still has the cathedar. It will stay as long as she has the epideral.

All that said her pain is being managed very well. She doesn't seem to be in any discomfort. When I move her up in the bed she does scrunch her face. I have been making sure she gets Tylenol ever 4 hours for throat pain, as I'm sure it is still very sore from the tube.

All in all she is doing far better than I had anticipated. I told the docs on rounds this morning that "It isn't over yet. She always manages to throw a curve ball in on us when we least expect it. Don't anyone tell Ava she is doing good." They laughed.

The girls are doing fine to all that asked about them. We did find out yesterday that they both are getting colds. I wanted them to come up this weekend but now that is not going to be possible. Isn't that odd. They stayed healthy all this time Ava was home and NOW they happen to catch a cold.....Huh was I double right for insisting that Ava get her surgery. Now more than ever I know God put them feelings in my heart. She was ready!

Keep the prayers coming. Love to you all!

~Terri and Brian


My Three Sons said...

Sounds like Ava is on the right path!!
still sending prayers your way.

Taryn said...

So....I hadn't checked your blog in a while...bad idea! So much has happened I'm just amazed.
I'm praying for you guys and I'm happy she's doing okay.