Thursday, January 29, 2009

Her way....

Okay "waking" Ava up caused a reaction. She became very itchy with the narcotics. I felt horrible for her. She tore her face all up. Benedryl did nothing to help the itch. She was miserable. I was scared that she was going to hurt herself really bad. I got a wash rag and started helping her itch while the nurse got the doctor. We have very few options. They are goint to try a new narcotic that starts like New....something. It is for people that are alergic to these things. So now she is back on the Propofol to calm her down. When I left the room she was back to sleeping....well if that is what you call it.

They might have to put another epideral back in....we will see how she does tonight. Poor baby it is always something.

The good news she was way over breathing the vent. She is a fighter that is for sure.

Prayers please, please, please!



The Rice Family said...

WOW! I have not read your post for a few days and was so excited to see that the doctors listened to you. Moms always know best. It is amazing that you felt through your whole body that she was ready for the surgery and it sounds like she was. Stay strong. You both sound like such amazing parents and you have such a wonderful strong little girl. My husband and I always took shifts also. It was nice to have that kind of support. As always we are keeping you in our prayers.

Kaden and Angel Ava's mommy said...

I am sorry to hear that she has a rash. I feel for her, right now I have one on my belly and it is horrible, I couldn't imagine having one all over.

I don't know if you have tried putting any barriers on her bottom to help keep the wetness and stuff away from her skin. If you haven't yet I would ask the doctor if he/she can write an order to put stuff on her bottom now before it gets any worse. I have always like aquaphor (and I cake it on big time with each diaper change). I think it works pretty well.

I hope Ava starts feeling better soon. I hope she is off the vent before morning. I am sure she is ready to get out of bed.

Thinking and praying for you all.


Liz and Shane Nelson said...

I hope her ithing goes away. We are praying for your little Ava.
Liz and Shane

My Three Sons said...

Is it Nubane? I'm not quite sure how to spell it but I think that is what she was given. If so, that is what I was given and it really was great. So rest assured, she should feel no pain. I'm glad the doctors are listening to you.

Take care and I hope you get lots of rest tonight.

Fer said...

Terri, I'm thinking of you guys. How is Ava today?

familyofpikes said...

We are praying hard for Ava and happy to hear that she is fighting!

Ava and your family is constantly in our thoughts and prayers.

~Catherine (Jack Jensen's Aunt)