Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sleepy Head!

So Ava has been resting really, really a lot today. After they started the Propofol she has not moved. I gave her a bath and nothing. I painted her anils and lotioned her all up so she smells fabulous. We did notice something strange, after a small bowel movement we noticed white poop coming out of her. It was so strange. I'm thinking that it is left over barium from a few months ago. The last several times she did the swallow study tests they used a more liquid, watery substance. BUT the first few times in October they used the real deal barium. Huh do you suppose it got unclogged and bam here it is? Her butt is also very red and irritated so I asked them to culture it to see if she still had strep. I'm hoping it is just sore because of the runny stools.

She has become swollen. Her face is really getting big. They were giving her bolus hydration in attempts to keep her heart rate a little lower last night and I think it finally caught up with her. Her urine output wasn't fabulous but just okay. I asked that they start her on Lasix to iliminate this problem quickly. We don't need extra fluid building on her lungs. They listen and now she is peeing like a champ.

She was just taken of the Propofol about a half an hour ago so we expect her to start moving and waking soon. I already miss her little happy smile and that precious laugh.

Well I'd better get back to the room. Oh just to let you know Brian or I always stay in the room at all times. There is a couch that turns into a bed. He sleeps during the day and I at night. Well that is what we did before so we should fall back into the same pattern. I have an amazing husband. Someone has to always hold her hand!

Thanks for the prayers. The plan is to still extubate tonight IF she wakes up. They've lowered the vent settings and she is breathing way over the vent and her oxygen levels are great.


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Keeping the prayers comming your way!