Friday, January 30, 2009

Epideral take 2

Ava did well over night with the exception of one time. You ask....Who is in control here? It is "Ava!" She wasn't interested in being suctioned so she bit down on her breathing tube and started to destate. Laura had to do a few chest compressions to get her to a better place. Oh yes this is MY child!

She is still on the ventilator. We had to take her completely off the Fentanal and Diladid. She has a bad itching reaction to all of these. They were using the Newban (This is an antihistimine.) I thought it was a narcotic but I was mistaken. I'm not sure it worked since they put her back on the Propofal.

So I asked the docs here if she could have another epideral since we were running out of pain management options for her and I was getting afraid for her. No one should feel the pain of an extensive abdominal surgery. So another one was placed this morning at about 10 am. This time it is higher up. I am really praying hard that this is what is going to help her kick the pain to the curb. She should still be able to move her arms and legs. She moves and turns on her own even though she is very sedated. They are lowering her Versed and Dex. Her epideral should take effect at about 2 pm. (They didn't start the epideral meds going until noon.)

So we again wait and see. That itching problem was horrid. Her little face is all scratched up. I can't wait for that tube to be gone. I know she will feel so much better.

My Mother just got her a new Barney Valentine movie and a Wiggles movie. She is going to be so happy! Pray for an easy extubation and an even easier transition to the epideral. Extubation depends on when she "wakes" up from the sedation meds but the plan it today. We shall see.

Thanks again for all your prayers. We most certainly need every single thought, well wish, and prayer.


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blairspage said...

Sorry I haven't been by in a while. I had to do some catching up. I'm SO glad that surgery went well and what they found! I'm so glad that everything could be repaired... THANK GOD!!!!

I continue to pray for you all. Is there anything you need while you are in the hospital? Do they know how long she will be in there?

Hugs - Tiffany