Sunday, February 1, 2009

"Keeping us on our toes!"

Good morning. My have we been worrying. Ava, Ava, Ava. She always has us scratching our heads. Last night all her stats were normal except her heart rate. It was super low. It would get down to 73! Huh? It was hanging around in the 90's at about 4pm-6pm and then it dropped and kept dropping. You know our concern because Ava has always had a high heart rate. Her normal when sleeping is 115- 155. Her awake heart rate is anywhere from 130-180. So naturally yesterday when it started to decrease I got concerned. The thing about Ava is she ALWAYS keep s us and the doctors thinking. There is never a second, it seems, when we can just rest and know that she is going to be "fine."

The doctors thought this was actually a good sign for her. I meant that finally she was comfortable and resting. She had a really good night. So we'll see what today brings. The funny thing is she is on nothing to make her heart slow down. The only thing she is on for pain is the epideral and that (they tell me) has no side effects that would slow the heart.

I'll keep you updated. The girls are going to be coming up this afternoon. Ava is going to LOVE that. Lexis has a cold but she will have to wear a mask and just sit down. Emeline is not sick so she should be fine.

Thanks again for all the support.



blairspage said...

I have continued to pray for Ava and have her on a prayer list at my church! I hope the heart rate thing is okay and nothing comes from it! That's good that she is resting well!

Hugs - Tiff

Liz and Shane Nelson said...

Hope Lexis feels better. Give Ava a kiss for us.
We are praying for your little one.

Fer said...

I'm always praying for Ava!

My Three Sons said...

Well maybe she is finally getting the rest and relaxing like the doctors say. That sounds like a good explaination to me. I hope the big sisters are able to give Ava lots of love and have a great time today.

Hope your getting some rest as well.


Nancy L said...

Terri, my heart and prayers continue to go out to you and your beautiful and courageous family. Ava has shown more heart than any child should ever have to need.
As her mom and nurse, you have done a fantastic job. Keep following your intuition. It could be that Ava's guardian angels are whispering warnings and guidance.
Your dreams(nightmares)about Ava sound horrible and you must constantly,if subconsciously,live in fear of losing her. Please hang in there and find comfort that so many other are praying along with you. I hope Lexis and Emaline are feeling better and that you, Ava and her daddy can get some rest. God bless you Ava, may God keep you safe and healthy and happy. And may you always know how much you are loved